Wow ,emerson!!!!


Oct 6, 2006
I just opend my Super CQC-7 wave satin. WOW!!.It's the sharpest thing I've ever toutched I think. It's so sharp when I do a shave arm hair test it'll take a thin layer of skin off if I touch my arm. It sends free standing arm hair flying. I have lots of good knives Like,Spyderco Manix ,BM 710, grip, Osbourne,waved Endura. Camillus CQB-1 ect.... This knife really stands out.The wave works perfectly. It will wave in my back pocket and I.W.B. too.It's my first Emerson.Bank vault lock up, no play at all. Though the liner dosen't seem too super thick, but I'm not really used to liner locks. This is really tight. I did spine wack tests with a magazine on my dresser. I hit it VERY HARD,trying to disengage, 5 times in a row, 3 times and it held tight. I totally understand the chisel grind now too. I feel like I just joined a Cult with this knife. 2 things though, it's way lighter than I thought. I don't know if thats good or bad.I guess good cuz it's super fast in the hand. And the satin finish is weird. I think satin finish would be like an Endura or camillus CQB-1, just smooth stainless, you know, But this has like a weird beadblast coating like a shell kinda. It still looks cool though. I don't think it will scratch this way, and no glare for my covert de-animation ops:cool: . But all said, this knife is definatly special. I think I'm going to stick with Emerson for folding SD knives.Thanks Ernie for making such a BAD ASS KNIFE:D
The CQC-7 is sort of his flagship model. Now you know why. :)

Congratulations. Enjoy it!
I went to see the Emerson blades.... that's a nice knife! I have an old Emerson Benchmade (I think it's a 975-S) that looks exactly like the CQC-7, but without the "wave". That's the thing sticking up from the rear of the blade forward of the pivot, right? I sure like mine, but I don;t like the serrations anymore.

Oh yea, mine's ATS-34 steel. I really like the "disk" on top of the blade as opposed to the knurled "stud" that Benchmade has gone to. When opening, my thumb never slips off of that disk.
Emersons are good knives. I haven't really seen one I disliked. If like the cqc-7, i suggest you look at the commander and cqc-13 too.