Wow! what a page! Sheffield hafting has ...

Nov 29, 2000
always been of intrest to me and now I'm trying to come up with a viable way to press horn the old Sheffield way. Bob Bowie over in Levine's forum came up with this page that is just great reading. The scale on which the horn and antler industry operated was just huge; check out the paragraph on the inventory of just ONE sale....

regards, mitch
Very interesting reading. Thanks for the link.

With all the armadillos that have migrated into this state, I wonder how a little "Armadillo Jelly" would work. :eek:

Armadillos by the way have far surpassed possum as the most often seen roadkill.
MMMM. Good old tusk jelly. And I've just been sweeping it up and throwing it out. Wait , no iI havent. I dont sweep :) I've p[robably got enough dust to make a good bowl of horn , wood and steel jelly.