WR Hurt

Feb 23, 2008
Anybody have information on WR Hurt? Specifically I have a 18.5" Bowie (Bill Moran Style) with maple and silver wire inlays handle, it has WR Hurt engraved into the the base of the blade on one side and JS engraved into the other side. If anybody has any idea i would like to know its value.




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I would estimate the value to be about $50 bucks.

How about I give you $75....... Do you mind paypal ? Tell me where to send the money and we'll finalize this deal :p ;) :D

Seriously gel (I hope I didn't offend) :eek:

I don't know Mr.Hurt but that is a very fine example of a Moran style Bowie. Its value should obviously be considerably more than is stated above in jest.

Is the sheath a traditional wood lined Moran style too ?

Any pics of the complete package ?

Again, great Bowie gel :thumbup: :thumbup:

Sorry I couldn't be more help :)

Ye The sheath is wood lined (covered with african animal leather) traditional Bill Moran style.....I am out for the weekend, but I'll post some new pictures next week.
A beautiful knife that could benefit from a little clean-up.

You can contact William Hurt @ 301 898 7143. I'm sure he could give you all the information you want on the bowie.
It's no surprise that he's from Maryland. His prices are quite reasonable for the quality he provides.
Mr. Hurt worked with Jay Hendrickson at ATT and was a protege of both Jay and Bill Moran....he lives down the road.

Great knife.....very nice. :)