Writing on Balisong Knives


With Fred Perrin we are now working on a "review" about Balisong knives.

So if you got any questions about that, just tell us and we will do our best to answer it in our article...

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Oct 17, 1998
Hi Nemo,

I have one question. What is the best way to cary a Balisong both comvertable and fast on the draw bud that doesn't draw much attention to the fact that you are carying a knife.

Looking forward to the review!

Jan Dirk
A good thing to include would be a list of resources and what about the knife they teach you. Like weather it gets the message across well. If they were showing fighting styles or opening/closing techniques. Prices and availablilty of the different resources. Maybe some information about who's knives don't wear out as fast. I can't think of much more I'd need to know. I need to know the local knife laws in greater detail but I don't think it would be reasonable to get every knife law for every state and township. I guess that is it.

and I'd like to know when and where I could get a copy of that review you are doing.

(I like balisongs.)
A list of current and past custom makers would be very nice
I'd like Fred to review some of the techniques HE uses to make HIS butterfly knives.

Whatever is covered, I'm very interested in the review.

First - enjoy Fred's & your reviews.

How about maker/mfg., models, still available/not still available, sources for purchase.

I'm sure the review(s) will cover quality, useability, etc.

Looking forward to reading your balisong review(s).

You might also mention that here in the Philippines, we also call balisong as "batangas" -- the province where this knife started...
Titan, I was wondering... did the Balisong really originate here in Batangas? Was it Dan Inosanto who popularized its use or something?

I have a lot of Batangueno friends, and most of them carry balisongs, not because they would like to stab things (hehehe) but more on the fact that it's something like their "trademark". Remember that law regarding being jailed 1 year for every inch of blade that you get caught with? hehehe..
Nowadays, seems like it's not being implemented anymore. GOOD!

Hmmm... BTW, Nemo. It might be interesting if you can also include the types of steel used on the original balisong? (is this review technical or just about fighting techniques and handling of the balisong?).

Since Batangas is just a few hours drive from here (and Holy Week is approaching, Titan! hehe!!) I guess a trip to Batangas would be a good idea, maybe set up an interview or two from one of the oldest manufacturers of these bladed weapons. Am particularly interested in the history and how it came to be.

Oh yeah, a trivia for you guys:

Did you know, the word "balisong" is two Filipino words joined together?

Bali - to bend, fold, or break (though in this case, it's fold)
Song - this is shortened from the word "Sungay" or horn. Most balisong handles were covered with deer antler slabs for aesthetic purposes (or maybe even for grip, who knows?)

Just a thought..
Though I'm sure you guys know this already..


Yes we knew that from Master Yoda himself.

I think you will be interested by some informations about the Butterfly Knives.
I will start to picture some rare knives from Fred Perrin Mega Secret Collection friday. Inch'Allah.


I think a view on Latch type openings would be good, I have a BM Custom with the Imada High Hollow blade and when I work it I use a lot of the Latch type tech., it saves the point from smacking the latch and it is very fast. I know that some dislike the latch and have them removed but I make a horizontal leather sheath and when you want the knife just reach on the latch and pull it out and snaps open very quick, no flaps or snaps to mess with, I don't have a photo of this knife and sheath combo right now, but the web page below will show some examples on a Sebenza and Wood/Irie folders.

When I used to travel for my company and call my wife from the hotel, she could hear the knife in the background and say `put that thing down and pay attention to me!'

Oh well!

My .02

When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


Nemo, if you haven't seen it, there is a special extra large type of balisong.

Imagine your balisong closed, now cut off the butt end and 2 inches of the handle, so that the blade is longer and protrudes, now put the latch on the side. I've seen this once, it had no name and it was wicked.

Hope you and Fred have fun.

Smoke, we have found also Saber Balisong !

We have made a lot of pictures and we are telling the story of each knife.
Through that comments and hints we will offer our point of view on that design.
Then we will talk about techincs .

We got 19th century balisong pictured and also one bali used in the WW1 !
And of course real filippino Balis from the Village of Balisong !

I have a question concerning the review itself. As I am a butterfly collector and user myself, I am very interested in this review that you are working on. My question is, will it be an online review, or a book, newsletter, etc. (whats the format?) and two how much and how long before we get to see it?