Wrought Iron

Thanks for the link IG, do you have any more of the anchor chain you got from the junk yard?

Ya know, I ought to make a trip to the junk yards around my home town Pensacola. It's a Navy town and shipping port from way back and there ought to be tons of the stuff around there.
Thanks for the link IG, in a pinch I might have to spring for it. But Guy, keep me posted if you find some. All this WI is getting me interested too. Never ends, does it? :)
Guy I bet you are right. I only have a few links left. GrassHoppa and I will be going to the boatyard to see if he has end pieces cheaper and also checking out for 1 1/4" cable end of the spool pieces at a ship supply house.
Might be a while before I can check out places around Pensacola but next time I talk to my Dad I may ask him if he is aware of any piles of old chain on the base there or around town. Unfortunately Pensacola is a dying port and the downtown waterfront where all the old shipping docks were have become waterfront condos and marinas for rich people. When pine lumber and pine naval products were king in Pensacola though you could have just about walked across the bay from deck to deck on old sailing vessels. I suppose I could call the Pensacola steel scrap yards from here though.

Boy I wish I knew where those flatbed semi loads of chain I saw on the Interstate were going. I was tempted to follow them but we were on vacation and I don't think the family would have been too happy about a change in destination from Disney to some shipping yard or something! Of course I was in the driver seat though! The chain links were the 3" Navy chain links shown on the web site you posted, man those links must weigh a ton! I haven't heard back from them yet either about buying short lengths.