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nevermind35, Burke Rockstar is SPF to softrockrenegade. Sorry, There seems to be some confusion. I have sent a email to you. Check post # 18
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softrockrenegade changed mind do to confusion on my part, Rockstar back up for sale.
Email to nevermind35
TxAggieA-Batt Q is serrated.
Brew City 59 Street Beat is like new. Blade has never been touched. Sheath did not come with a Tec Loc for some reason. I found one in some that I had that will fit it.
Sorry for any confusion to red1965 and softrock. I'll take the Burke Rockstar and money will be on the way shortly. Thanks.
cutup, The steel type is not on the blade so I really have no idea. I purchased this when they first came out. Someone with a better knowledge of Benchmades maybe able to answer this for you. If i had to guess, I would say ATS 34.
I have a later production Nimravus that's 154cm, but not sure on Red's. That T2 is a very nice piece, too. CPM-S30V, rock solid, and recently out of production. IIRC they sold for ~$200.
Suprised it's still here.
There is a post in General Discussion saying that the early Nimravus are ATS 34 or 154 CM. My guess is still ATS 34 do to the age of the one I am selling.
Hey Red if the manix is still available throw that in too. Thanks again, Dan
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