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WTS Swamp Rats, Battle Guard, Battle Rat, Satin Battle Rat, & Mojo’d Camp Tramp


Feb 21, 2006
Want to sell our Mint Swamp Rat Battle Guard with tan Res-C handle. This one comes in a cardboard sheath. Priced NOW SOLD paypal’d and delivered ConUS. No trades please.

Want to sell our Swamp Rat Battle Rat with tan Res-C handle in Very Good condition with some smoothing from going in and out of the cardboard sheath. Priced NOW SOLD papal’d and delivered ConUS. No trades please.

3-**SOLD P/F**
Want to sell our LTD Swamp Rat Satin Battle Rat in near mint condition, with tan Res-C handle. Full flat ground with a hair popping "zero" edge that gleams like a mirror. There are some small scratches on one side, a slight rub mark near the spine from the card board sheath it was in and one very small line of discoloration near the edge, it is less than a cm in length. Priced WAS $350.00, $325.00, NOW $305.00 paypal’d and delivered ConUS. No trades please. Originally purchased here http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=419517



4-**SOLD P/F**
Want to sell our Mojo’d Camp Tramp. This Mojo’d Camp Tramp is sold with a Dundee Sheath for $245.00 paypal’d and delivered ConUS. No trades please
Nice snag on the Mojo'd Tramp! With that Dundee rig, that is a great deal!
Wow! T1mpani, thanks for removing that temptation! If I had come in here just 40 minutes earlier, I would have a hard time resisting.

btw, who did the Mojo work on that? Factory or aftermarket?

Anybody got a pic of a Dundee rig in use? I don't think I have seen a shot of it on someone.

oh, what the hell, put me next in line if the deal falls through.
AggieJason - Don't fight it!
Westlen - Thanks for the kind words my friend!
t1mpani - Mojo'd Camp Tramp is all yours!
paddlingman - agreed
resinguy - we thinks the Mojo work is aftermarket, your 2nd in line if the first deal falls through
Just wanted to make sure you received my e-mail, G-2. I have money to get movin' your way. :cool:

Oh, and Happy New Year everybody!

A Happy New Year to Everyone!! Warren we didn't get your mail, send it to me at geoffkg(at)gmail(dot)com - The Mojo'd Camp Tramp is yours!
bump with a price drop on the LTD Satin Battle Rat. The first photo gives the illussion of a nick or flaw in the blade; this knife has the ORIGINAL factory edge has never been sharpened nor used to cut anything. NOW $305.00 paypal'd and delivered ConUS.