WTT: Blind Horse Knives rare Scattycrafter


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Apr 6, 2009

Not sure if I spelled that right but I took a shot. Anyway this is one of the limited edition Scattycrafters made from the saw blade steel and super nice tiger stripe maple. I can't remember if the blade steel was A2 or W2... either way it's good stuff. These are the harder to find and more desirable. I'm just looking to see what else is out there. available. I'm gonna be super picky as I have absolutely no problem keeping this knife. I want a good outdoors/wilderness/bushcrafty type knife in a robust stainless steel like CPM S90V, S110V, or S125V. Would also consider knives made of INFI. I will also entertain knives in super carbon steels like CPM 3V, 10V, and 15V. Looking for something in the 4" to 6" blade range... 5/32nds to 3/16ths thick. With blades that aren't quite as wide as this with a bit pointer tip. But still with ample finger guard. Something perhaps in a large Kephart, or like the BRKT Aurora but not actually that knife. Kydex sheath are preferred over leather as well. Bone or Antler handles are a major turn off. The black 550 isn't integral to the sheath. I just put it on there as a neck sheath carrier. Edge is absolutely crazy razor sharp. Lasts forever too. Knife is used but take a look... it's in excellent condition.







Please don't make me any offers for 5 or 6 lesser knives. I'm not letting this go unless it's for a suitable replacement.
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