WWII blem by Bura. Save $50. Pix.

Mar 5, 1999


Here is a 16.5 inch, 25 ounce WWII made very well by the old master, Bura. It's a 10/10 rig with the following exceptions. There is a super glue fix crack in the handle as shown and this knife has been laying around in the blem box for awhile and the blade has picked up some minor rust -- maybe ten or 15 minutes with some 800 grit sandpaper.

The karda and chakma are Bura style and excellently done.

Scabbard is made and tooled by the sarki with no name and he has done his usual stellar performance. Frog is standard 100 year HI superfrog.

We will deliver this rig to your door for $75 today. $50 savings for ten cents worth of superglue and maybe 15 minutes work on the blade. You can bring this rig up to tops in no time and it goes with full HI guarantee.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Uncle Bill, I'm a first time poster and would like to be a first time owner of a HI WWII. Is the blem still available, and if so how do I go about purchasing it?