WWII dagger

May 25, 2001
came accross an interesting dagger and since i don't know much about them and values, etc. am posting this message. Dagger was brought back from European Theater and I got it along with a German Air Force Dagger. Knife in question is 11 inches overall with a 6 inch blade sharpened on one side. Markings are "C. Schliepen Soligen" with ane eye with radiating lines on upper half. The guard(?) on the dagger is, I guess you'd call it recurved and the handle appears to be made of wood, painted from the top with dark blue (1 3/8"), to white in the middle (1 1/2", to red (1 1/4"). The white portion contains side view of an older woman's face and bust outlined in blue inside an oval that measures 7/8" by 1/2 wide. The red and blue sections are overpainted with raised white painted (squiggled)lines. The woman is dressed in what appears to be Victorian style clothes and her hair is up in that Victorian fashion. Since I don't have digital capabilities I've attempted to describe it as best I can. If any interest I can copy on xerox and send. Would like to know origins, history, etc., particularly in light of Pearl Harbor's 60th Anniversary, etc. thanks, Chuck G.
Chuck, ya find anything out about the dagger??
It sounds like an Othello brand knife. They used the head and the eye stamp design you mentioned .

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Michael, conventional wisdom is that it is from Norway, given the red, white and blue, but I have not researched further... Chuck
Have you tried Bernard Levine's forum?

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yes, thats where i got the Norwegian info, perhaps I should try to id the profile on the hendle...Chuck G.