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WWII with a big nose


Mar 28, 2001
I just got my WWII and I noticed it has a really big nose(don't know of a better way to describe it). It looks similar to the UBS rather than the 45 deg or so point I'm used to seeing. I was wondering if this was for a particular purpose or if that was just the style? The blade is finished beautifully and took an excellent edge.

Now I just have to figure out what to get next!
Thanks, grezer. Different kamis have different ideas and even the same kami will make variations of the same theme. I'm not sure why they do this and can only guess it is boredom. Nobody likes doing the same thing over and over again. But as long as the quality is tops I don't complain too much. And every now and then they do something that is very interesting -- and sometimes even outrageous.

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I don't mean to come off as being critical. Far from it. This is one of the most well made knives I have in terms of blade finish, etc. The compliments regarding your quality are well deserved.
Grezer, Welcome to the cantina! Please post a picture of your Khukuri. I'm sure many of us would enjoy seeing this variation on the 'nose' area of the blade.

My WWII was one of the few chandan handled knives that HI made. The handle did crack but Kami Sherpa was able to do an excellent repair and then it came into my hands. The handle shows no signs of further cracking, but I have a bit of chandan for repairs, just in case.

When I first saw my rich chandan beauty, I also noticed her nose. Her Big Nose puts more weight forward for chopping, but makes a thrust somewhat more problematic.
I assume the I can just upload the pix to my site and then attach it like w/ebay? If that is so, I will try to take one tomorrow and put it up. Thanks, Greg Z.
follow this link for a picture. I need some help on how to attach them to messages. Note there is no "www" for this link.

Thanks, Greg Z. 4/11/01
ok let's try this - That's supposed to insert the image here:

It works! Amazing this technology. Before you know it will be making steel implements to help feed ourselves!
Yep, it is a relatively big nose for a world war two. Doen't look mis-shapened. Kinda pretty, matter of fact.

How does it feel? Does it whisper anything in your ear? Does the handle feel like there's an invisible USB port plugged into your hand? Do feel a need to do battle and vanquish evil? To find the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail? To reach the unreachable star?

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"Ayo Ghorapani!"
Interesting variation. Longer belly and snub nose. My WWII is more blunted than the ones at the HI website but no so much as yours. Definitely agree with Howard Wallace's view. That, and the 'slashing' ability of the knife is enhanced some. Grezer, I'd consider it a plus.