X-42 Field Knife -- LATEST PICTURE!

Mar 23, 2000
OK Everyone,

Here is the latest photo of the X-42 Field Knife...In fact, just shot today!

(Click on image for larger picture)

The knife and sheath pictured are prototypes, but I'm told both closely resemble the production models. A black TiNi version may also be added at some point.

The knife's name is not yet officially set, but "X-42 Field Knife" does seem most likely.

We're hoping for a Fall 2001 release. A date is not firm.

Sweet looking knife, huh?!
This looks like a knife that can tackle any task you put in front of it. Nice work Ron, and all of the sog employees.
Very nice knife Ron...
Are the handles going to be interchangeable with the Recondo? I think the Cocobolo handles I am making for the Recondo will look better on the Field knife.
That is a nice looking knife Ron! Can you tell us the specs on it Ron? <p>You know, the handle looks a little like the newer Sifu.:)
For some reason, the pics won't load for me:confused:

Is this the prototype we got to check out at Blade?
If so, it is a great "feeling" knife. VERY light!
Hi Jason (and everyone),

Here is the direct link to the image: http://www.sogknives.com/misc/fieldknife.jpg. Let me know if this doesn't work.

Anyone wanting to look at a massive, high res image (a 5.5 meg TIFF file), CLICK HERE!

Specs (est./tentative):
  • Steel: BG-42 @ Rc 59-60
  • Blade Length: 5"
  • Blade Thickness: .160"
  • Grind: Flat ground with slight recurve
  • Handle Material: Zytel
  • Sheath: Leather (the Kydex for Recondo also works as an accessory)
  • MSRP: $109.95
  • Option: Possibly a black TiNi model
  • Release Date: Fall 2001
Hope this helps.
Hey Bobby,

The Field Knife shown here should have identical (interchangeable) handles with the Recondo. So your Cocobolo wood handles should easily go on both.

For everyone's information, the X-42 Recondo and the soon-coming X-42 Field Knife have easily removed handles (slabs) allowing for some of the easiest conversions of any knife on the market to custom made handles or cord wrapping the handle.

Bobby has some Cocobolo he has been wanting to put on his Recondo. I’m sure he will share pictures with us when he completes the task.

Looks to be a great design. I love the fact that we are almost encouraged to replace the handle slabs. It would be nice to see some stag or burl wood on one of these.

Will the finish be like it is in the picture? I hope it won't be bead blasted.

-Mike Burnett
Hey Mike,

The X-42 Field Knife (still not the official name, but the most likely choice) will be "satin" finished. The Zytel grips are great! But knowing the "tinkerers" out there, this knife is ready for someone to play with.