X-42 replacement for 2007?

Mar 12, 2006
Does anyone know if SOG has a replacement for the X-42 Field Knive coming out in 2007? I talked to them last year and they said "sometime, but not in BG-42, some other quality styeel".
Ron Athay
I will be posting something the next couple days with some info that might interest you. I have been at the SHOT show and we have some new great stuff.

The new Team Leader looks exactly like what I want. Is this new steel as good as BG-42? Sounds like it might be tougher. Can it be sharpened in the field? Will it need to be? When do you think it will actually be available in stores/internet stores? June?
Ron Athay

I have not actually used the steel yet. I have been told that it is slightly harder than S30v and has a better edge holding ability. As for field sharpening, I would think that it would behave very similar to S30v.

We are expecting to begin shipping the knife in May, so you should expect to see it in stores late May/June.

It is now one line at

or you can see more pictures at


Just thought I would help. I don't know if its intentional or not but in the new product insert on the description for the Vulcan folder it says "In teh world of firepower..." notices the spelling of the. Hope that helps a little.
Wow. I really like the new Team Leader. I have a NW Ranger. I think I might like the Team Leader even better. The new Seal Elite reminds me of my Sealpup Elite, which I really like a lot, except for the zytel handle. I bought one of the new SOG Jungle Primitive knives last year. I just can't seem to get a good edge on it. I guess thats the way some 420 is. My Bucks have 420HC blades, and they all take a razor edge. Maybe a new Tigershark would be better. Just what I need, another big knife. Personally, I would prefer Kraton to the Zytel for handles on all the seal knives. My Seal 2000 feels like a green pine cone when I use it for a while. Those Navy Seals must have really tough hands.
Personally, I would prefer Kraton to the Zytel for handles on all the seal knives.

Be quiet, Victor. ;)

You're spoiling my dream that SOG switches to Zytel altogether! :D

There's far too much rubber in the SOG line up as it is, IMO. The stuff definitely does get mushy after awhile and that crisp diamond checkering starts to look scuffed. That doesn't happen on SOG's Zytel knives, especially the SEAL 2000 which uses a fabulous "gritty" Zytel. I'd love to see it used for the Pentagon's handle.