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XO Lite reliability

Feb 8, 1999
I am considering buying one of the Paragon Manual XO Lite folders. Since Paragon has previously been concentrating mainly on autos, I am curious about whether their liner locks will be reliable or not. Anyone had any experience in this area?
From what I've seen on pictures, the liner itself looks very flimsy. I can't imagine it makes for a very strong lock.

My 000000.2 cents.
hi spoonslayer, i never handled or even seen a Paragon knife in person, like Ralf, i only seen the pics of it, the liner is way to skinny, and if you notice, in the picture where it shows the inside of the knife the liner is already to the end of the tang,-bad sign. Maybe this is a good design, but i think i wont blow my money on this, do yourself a favor, save your money and get a Military, i love mine.
Hmmm... I hate to hear that. It's such a cool looking knife and Ive heard good things about their autos. I Guess maybe I should play with one a little before I go out on a limb and order one blindly.