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Y2K production knife survey

Apr 21, 1999
If you were to offer some advice to the big name knife companies for there Y2K line up, what would it be?
What would you like to see them do (Realistically) different for Y2K?


Any thing else you'd like to add?
1. Smaller, Delica-sized folders in maximum edge-holding steels like CPM 440V. Some of them should be designed for carry when dressed in a coat, tie, and dress slacks -- board-room tactical

2. Multi-tools made of tougher stuff and aimed at specific trades/hobbies: electrical, computer repair, cable hook up, telephone, fishing, etc.

3. A traditional pocket knife with stag or bone handles, superb fit and finish, and super steel blades.

4. A multi tool you would want to use as your main hunting knife.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I have to second the request for a multi made with quality steel. I'd give anything if my wave had at least a couple ATS-34 blades. And why not make the whole thing out of it? Would it be THAT expensive?
Wow !!
This is kinda like fishing.
I just posted and already 2 bites, cool!

Thanks guys! Aloha!!! Ken
Less black G-10.
Non-serrated runs early in production.
Higher QC.
Less hype.
Realistic, everyday testing, not rope cutting competitions.
Try to do what you are doing right instead of trying to produce as many different designs as possible.
An end to this clip thing.
Attractive, quality leather holsters available at least as an option for your knives.

San Francisco, CA

Let hope they jump off the "Tactical knife" bandwagon. There is nothing wrong with the knives but all the hype just clutters up the conversation. Lets go back to talking about basic design and performance. And no, I couldn't care less which "special forces" unit uses the knife.
Tactical type folders cleverly disguised as traditional/non-threatening tools. SpeedTech is a great example.

A second blade or tool would be great. A simple awl would be enough. I don't really need a SAK, just one blade plus a tool will be fine.

We need a "Hang Loose" message Icon.

The word "Tactical" should be deleted from the dictionary. Less hype and better QC that is a wish for a lot of things. Black is OK but I ride a Beemer and dress like a nightmare so I guess we should at least look at other colors. I have tried to get several of the knife companies to do different color handles for over three years. I guess now that I'm no longer a dealer they might listen.

For the most part you custom guys are still at the front. Be cool, Be creative and be safe.



Guns are for show. Knifes are for Pros.
More improved steels, more color variety in handle material, more curves-fewer severe angles (See the Spyder Wegner), interchangeable pocket clips available in a variety of styles
I'll second Uncle Bill's request for quality stainless in multi-blades. I want a 440v trapper! BTW, Schatt&Morgan(?) is making an ATS-34 series that's far more affordable than the Case/Bose collaboration. Check AG Russell's site...

I'd also like to see some Multi-tools with a high quality stainless blades, and micro-multitools with good locks.

I'd like to see greater use of the REKAT lock and BM's Axis Lock - a smaller, lightweight knife, same dimensions as the 705 but not as thick through the handle.

Less G-10. Maybe some of the more traditional materials for "tactical" handles like micarta, wood or even jigged bone.

Better QC - if CRKT and Outdoor Edge can sell flawless liner-lockers for under $60, the "big boys" should be able to do the same for a $100 knife.

And keep up the collaborations with custom makers!


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A rolling lock Military with a more pronounced finger choil and double steel liners in 440V @ 59-60Rc in green G10 or gray
for me please!
Thank you very much!

Maybe just for fun throw in a speed safe version for those of us who can't get enough of that "too much fun" speed safe mechanism.

Oh man... my head is getting flooded with ideas all of a sudden!

How about a VG10 or 440V AFCK with STEEL liners, Axis lock and blue colored G10, maybe a carbon fiber version for those of you with too much money?


Delicas and Enduras in VG10!

Benchmade getting some Quality Control back!

Cold Steel shutting it's Corporate yap about how it's the best, now that it's not!


If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

Two things. Something other than Black! This Henry Ford you can have any color you want as long as it is black is growing old.
The second thing is no more ATS 34! I would like to see a variety of blade materials used so that I and my customers can have more choices.


Tom Carey
Colors other than black will be big,if offered.Also, we need "tactical quality"knives in more realistic sizes.The Tanto craze has just about run its course,IMHO.

"To grow older is inevitable.To grow UP is optional."