YeeHaaaw! Mini OFD

Dec 15, 2002
Yessss! I just came from UPS's website and it appears the mini-grip I ordered is out for delivery. This is my first Benchmade and I will be awaiting with baited breath. Or was that bad breath?, Whatever. I go to work at 1:30pm at the School that employs me(custodian). I will absolutely attack the brown truck as it pulls into the school. I look forward to meeting my new EDC. later folks. :D :D dtsoll
Congrats, I am waiting for the Brown Truck myself right now. They ussually come between 11-1 :)
The mini-grip is now in hand and it is a beauty. Scarry sharp. I just love the axis lock. As sticky would say, smooth as butta! This knife will alternate with my spydie pro-grip as EDC. Benchmade makes a fine quality knife, thats for sure. I didn't know what I was missing until I found this forum and the spydie forum. thanks all, now what do I need next? I really want a Navigator. What I really need is better cash flow:mad: Oh well, later. dtsoll:)