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Yep, a Halo 2 can be faster!

Jan 31, 1999
Well guys, I was sitting around today thinking (a bad thing), when I got the idea to try and swap the springs between my Halo2 and Dalton M-6. After the transplant, I had a much slower M-6 and a slightly faster Halo! Anyone know where to aquire some spring stock the same size as used in the M-6?? There was, by the way, still about an eight of an inch of extra space left for more spring in the Halo after compression. C'mon guys, I know I'm not the only tinkerer!
take your actual spring to your local spring manufacturer(look up in yellow pages; discovered i have at least dozen spring maunfacturers in my area) and they will make any spring to your specs. your biggest obstacle will be paying the min. order fee which can range from 50-100 depending on the shop. but then you'll probaly get anywhere from 24 to 72 springs for that money. heck, why don't you sell the extra on the forums. you might make some extra dough for new knives. ;-)

make sure you specify 302 stainless when you have springs made.


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