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May 6, 2000

hi rob, it looks like i might have to sell my hardcore grinder back to true-grit. the baldor motor on it has gone bad for the second time. i am happy with the product but john said he wants to buy it back because of the headache. i would like a grinder with a flat palten and then a quote on one with a flat and a 14" contact wheel. for some reason i can't get your web site. please e-mail me direct.RHINOKNIVES@webtv.net

Laurence Segal www.RHINOKNIVES.com
Hello Laurence,

Thank you for the note! I'll get an email off to you ASAP. My KMG-1 grinders will be at Blade 2001 next week if you are going. Koval Knives will be displaying them at their booth. He will have an 8" model, a 10" model and the big honking 14" model ...along with the platen attachment, tooling arms, work rest...etc.

I've heard about your problem before with accessing my web site....it has something to do with webtv and geocities....some sort of filtering conflict...or something.... I'll try to email some photos ASAP also.

I sincerely thank you,
Rob Frink

Robert Frink
Beaumont Metal Works
hey everyone! it turns out that the wall socket burned out and theres nothing wrong with the replacement baldor. i'am glad that i will keep the hardcore grinder, i love this machine it's real smooth. one of rob,s with a 14" contact wheel will be the next addition to my shop.

Laurence Segal www.RHINOKNIVES.com
I have a Hard Core as well but Rob's will be my next one. I think I'll stay away from the 14 inch wheel though!

C Wilkins
I see alot of plugs on this forum
I bet a dollar Darrell Ralph got a
grinder of Rob to try out just because darrell
has a big name,good for advertisement,bla ,bla,bla
dig into it Cl and see if I am wright
Nathan House from what I here told Rob about
the blade forums and now he is making a killing,does the little guy like Nathan
see a grinder I bet not,because he is not a big name in the knife circle.I am sorry if I sound rude I just call it as I see and hear it Sorry Darrell I just think that is the way it goes.
Hey Zodiac,

I am a long time amature(sp?) knifemaker. Through info on this forum I ended up buying one of Rob Frink's grinders. It is all that it is supposed to be, and is sold at a reasonable price, real reasonable. I am no name at all and there is no reason for me to support Rob Frink other than to say it was an easy and fair deal and he treated me well. I asked for the small wheel adapter and he threw it in for free. Not exactly a huge gift but one that was appreciated never the less. What went on with Nathan House is another story.

Here's a guess. This is only a guess and I could certainly be full of SH*T, and be wrong but anyhow... If Nathan used information that Rob Frink gave him, either inadvertantly or through other means, i.e. the name of the company that Rob uses for re-rubbering or for supplying wheels, and Nathan put that out to the forum, which he apparently did, than it looks like Rob is charging more for the products than he pays. DUH. That is called capatalism and that is what America is about! Saying something to the effect that you can cut out the middle man seems to insinuate being a middle man is somehow bad or dishonest. That is what buisness is , a lot of middle men selling stuff thay buy cheaper. If this is information that Nathan would not have gotten without Rob, maybe he forgot that Rob is in this to make money. It is a buisness.

I own a retail buisness. We buy low and sell higher. That is how one stays in buisness. If everyone of my customers had the ability to go to my suppliers and buy at my price I would be out of buisness rapidly.
So if Rob charges more than he pays figure it out that is what he is supposed to do.

We all look for deals. But for some of us this is just an expensive hobby. To others it is a buisness and a means of support for self and family. Unless one of the two involved speaks more we will never know what exactly happened, but regardless, no one need to run down any ones good name on this forum. Never the less Rob is free to work for people or not, and Nathan is free to give whatever info he would like to give. However with freedom comes some resposibility.

I will continue to read both of these gentlemens post and hopefully will continue to enjoys them. Lets not accuse people with out the facts.
zodiac,how to win friends and influence people.Im sure with a bunch more posts like that,we can lose even more good people from this forum.Dont take everything you read as gospel,there are two sides to every story,and what do you care what type of deal Darrel got on his grinder,if any.Sh*t I'll take all the freebies I could get,and I bet you would too.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">from what I here</font>

Zodiac, thank you for telling us about what you hear and not what you know for a fact. Idiot.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
George Orwell
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Well I will put my two cents worth in too. My dealings w/ Rob have been excellent. He made my wheels, shafts and other parts for my Unigrinder to my specs w/ no problems. Communication was good, pricing was good, and his work was excellent. I would not hesitate for a split second to do business w/ Rob anytime, anywhere.
I know for a fact what went down and how it went down,Nathan found a contact wheel dealer
where he felt like telling the
knife maker on the forums.and when he did
Rob emailed him telling him he would do no more work for him,he never said robs name
and Rob slamed him for it,because he may have taken away his sells.Nathan got him into the forums and he gets kicked in the teeth for it.He did nothing to harm anyone
So I am by no means an idiot very far from
it if you want to buy from rob that is up to you. Nathan said he was sorry why I don't know
be did nothing wrong.Robs grinder looks nice
that I give you but 800 for one with no motor
by the time you add a motor and if it is a variable you have the same amount in one from him as you would a bader. I speak my mind if you don't like it don't read it Money,Money,the root of all evil.The Zodiac
zodiac,this would be kind of funny, if it wasn't so sad/sick.You did'nt have much luck attacking Rob Frink under your real name=nathan house,so you get another isp and go after him under the name zodiac.Before that it was zion.Grow up house,this aint the place for your troll bullsh*t.If you dont back off,the REAL story might get told.I dont think you want that.
To start with, I do not have a grinder made by Rob, I don't know Rob, but everything I've heard about him from real knifemakers has been good. First hand counts, heresay doesn't.
I don't think there has been but one thread locked on this Forum, and I locked it.
This one is headed for number 2.
This is getting crazy. As I said before Rob has been ever so kind to me and I thank him for it. Personally I think this is getting out of hand. You guys should band together. I will probably never be one of your group cause I am too busy to post much. But from what I see it is a bunch of people acting like children. He did it. No he did it. No I didn't. Just MY 2 CENTS. Cory

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