You might be a Knife Nut if...

May 22, 1999
1,474 have no arm hair but your back looks like unmowed grass. have more than one band aid on your fingers, all from cuts.

...your credit card shows more knife purchases than porno purchases. sharpen knives while watching TV instead of putting your hand in the waistband.

...your kids are named, Spydie, Balisong, and Sebenza instead of Billy Bob, Billy Joe and JB.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

But this one has a perverted touch

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Ah yes! The ever-beloved "You might be a knife nut if . . ." thread!!! Second only to "What have we got in our pocketses?" as a Knife Nut Net topic!

You know you might be a knife nut if you are in a social situation with people you know, and some knifeless person needs to cut something, and yells not "Does anybody have a knife?" but calls you by name.

And you answer, "What kind?"

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You might be a knife nut if;

...your coworkers nickname you 'Columbine'.
...your friends add the title "The Knife" after your name. carry more knives than you have hands, on a daily basis. sell drugs to support your(knife)"habit" sit up at all hours of the night reading the posts here.'ve ever said to yourself, "I'd give one(or more) finger for that knife."
...your shoes cost $12.99 but your folder cost$129.99 spend more in one year on knives than some small countries gross. have to say sorry to all of the knives in the display case that you couldn't afford to take home with you.

That's all that I can think of.

You’re a knife nut if you try to start this thread over again.
Just kidding DW.
Wait a minute that’s a compliment.
I didn't realize I was a knife nut till the day I considered selling my SIG P-229 to purchase some knives (I didn't do it, but I "did" consider it).

Yesterday I got up on my day off, at 0500, to bid on an Emerson Commander (got it too)

While going through my closet the other day I found two knives that I forgot I had!

Lord help me, I'm a knife knut!

"May you live in interesting times"

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You may be a knife nut if the pages of your blade magazine are stuck together