Mar 29, 1999
A couple of months ago I bought a Case Copperlock folder with stag handles. I diden't
come with a sheath. I wanted one for the knife since I planned to use it a lot. I also wanted
the sheath to hold a small sharpening stone. So I got in contact with a custom sheath
maker. I told him what I wanted, and he said it would not be a problem, also I told him I
needed it before the 4th of July witch was a week away. Then one day it arrived, before
the 4th liked I asked. I t was great, a true work or art. I fit the knife perfectly and the
pouch for the stone had a little flap to secure it with a button. I really like it, and it came in
handy that 4th of July weekend. So if you need a custom sheath made talk to this man. I give my highest recommendation
Here is is homepage with some of his work.

Gary Graley is simply one of the finest individuals who participates in these forums. I am proud to use the leatherwork that he has made for me, and even prouder to consider him a friend.

I tried to get Gary to trade one of his leather sheaths for one of my Kydex sheaths, but he wouldn't go for it! From what I've seen and heard Gary is the best guy if you want leather. I just wish he'd have more pics of his work on his webpage...

My Custom Kydex Sheath page
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels
Here are links to two sheaths that Gary has done for me:

<a href="">Small Sebenza sheath</a>

<a href="">SwissTool sheath</a>

His work is simply outstanding. To top it off, Gary's a great person. I would recommend him and his work without hesitation.

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Count me in on the G2 bandwagon! I had him make a sheath based on a very famous ABS guys design for my dearest knife. Turns out Gary makes them better then the guy who originated them!
He didn't improve the design, or change it in anyway, but the quality of his craftsmanship is phenomenol. Uh oh, hope he doesn't get sued over design infringment!
I keep on telling him to quit his day job and make sheaths. Maybe, if enough people tell him, he may do it? The sheath world would definitely have some new fresh talent, and would give alot of sheath makers a run for their money.

Take care,
John Johnson
I am constantly being asked where I got my sheath for my Swiss Tool, people are impressed by it. And I am happy as a clam with it, Gary does do Nice work.
What can I say about G2 that wasn't expressed above? He is a fine craftsman and a wonderful guy. You want more pics of his work? I have 6 G2 sheaths. Here are a few more:
3 Gleason knives with 3 G2 Sheaths

Bill Winn folder with Custom Graley sheath

Sorry I don't have the pics of the other sheaths yet but Gary just made a custom leather sheath for my Lakota that is out of this world. I also have a horizontal Sebenza sheath that I liked so much that I sold my Chris Reeve sheath.



WOW, Thanks NAN and company, I do need to update my web page a bit with some newer photos, I was just looking at some of the sheaths that I have at home and thought, gee they'd make a swell picture! But haven't done it yet.

John, don't worry, that maker you are speaking of, Mr. Rob Hudson, told me that I could employ his swinging style sheath, using a copper rivet to tie the belt loop and the sheath together, I love that style for large blades and that one of yours fit the bill nicely.

quit my day job? don't know about that, I would need to up prices and maintain a work load all of which could put a hex on my orders, I like it as it is, steady and it keeps me in discretionary funds for knife purchases and leather material, glue, dye, tools, and etc.... that adds up too fast.

That little Case knife was very nice, wouldn't mind getting one of those myself one day.

Thanks again you guys for promoting me as you do, I enjoy making sheaths but if I started to do a volumne it would lose it's appeal and really take on the look of WORK and I don't want that to happen. Keep it fun is what I want to do, and make something that is nice and will last is a perk.


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I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to make a leather sheath for any knife and man is he fassssst on the delivery!!