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You see, the problem with pocket clips are that...

Mar 16, 2000
The other day my dad told me about his coworker (that i has sold a kershaw to)and how he lost that knife. He was putting on a backpack and one of the straps hooked it and jerked it out of the pocket. unfortunately, he was next to the metro line and the knife fell down between the wall and the electric power rail. he asked for help but was told that it would take several hours to get help to pull it out. needless to say the next day it was gone. this reminds me of an uncle that bent his pocket clip on a benchmade knocking into some furniture and even myself that lost a pocket clip and the knife itself, a benchmade cqc-7, only to recover it several weeks later by blind luck.
I LOVE POCKET CLIPS, but that do have their down side.
anyone else have bad experiences?
I find my Kershaw clips are the WORST for hanging up on clothing and ending up lost. I used to like clips until I lost my LCC after about a month. I`m into sheaths now!
Clips suck! I've bent clips, they tear up my pant pockets, scratches anything I come in contact with and generally make a well designed handle fit poorly in my hand. I carried pocket knives as a kid without any of these problems, I've tried clips and have come to the conclusion that they are not for me! Belt sheaths are another thing; I think belt sheaths make a great deal of sense. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

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I totally agree with you guys, esp. Easyrider. I´ve lost more than one knife carrying it the clip way.

Nowadays I always use personally made sheaths or pouches to all my (mostly Spyderco) knives. And I don´t loose my knives anymore.
I liked pocket clips until I lost a $100 Spyderco about 5 years ago. Now, I took the clip off my Sebenza the day I got it and never looked back.

I like clips and have yet to loose a knife. However, I could see it happening very very easily. I really only carry my folders when I am in a situation (quite often) that I cannot carry a fixed blade or sheath. If you are wearing dress pants, a suit, or simply jeans (in an area that discrete carry is needed) the clip is the only alternative. I don't like to have a folder loose in my pocket.
I have never lost a knife becuase of a clip. I like to carry via the clip method, but I have snagged the pocket clip as I walk by things, or have scratched things with the clip. I prefer sheaths, but they just dont look right when wearing shorts and a t-shirt, If I have jeans on I can go either way, IF I am dressed up I use a sheath, and when I am dressed down I use the clip. Clips rule as far as convenience goes, but sheaths protect your knife, and everything around your knife from getting damaged.
I've got mixed feelings about them- and it really depends on the knife in question as well. Knives that are sub 3" closed- no problem- I rip the clips off, drop the knife in my pocket and never look back. I don't even like dropping my small sebenza down into my pocket, as it feels clumsy, and it's kind of weighty riding around all loosey-goosey. If I could get larger folders to stand up inside my pocket and stay there, that would be ideal- like one of those "in the pocket sheaths". For the larger stuff, say a full sized AFCK, that thing is definitely going to get clipped on to my jeans. To me, nothing quite says "dork" like having a 5" long impression of a folding knife running horizontally across the top of my thigh!

Sheaths are ok I guess, but they aren't exactly "acceptable" everywhere in the world. There's no way I can rig up a sheath and wear it around the office. Well, I could...technically...

Not to mention, I was walking through my bedroom a few weeks back and the clip on my knife caught the edge of our new-ish cherry sleigh bed and took a good size chunk of wood out of it. To say the lil missus wasn't pleased would be a gross understatement.

Love them and hate them, but I do think it's nice that custom makers dress them up. Darrel Ralph's stylized clip is one of my favorites.


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I think clips screw up the ergos of a well designed handle too.
Also, if you use a clip-mounted knife for a long time, the clip can cause a blister.
I found this out when using a Spyderco Wegner to dress a deer.
Most of the clips are removed from my knives-particularly my Sebenzas,Wegners, Benchmades, MT's and all Spydercos except the Standard, Dragonfly and Toad.
I even searched out and located tiny stainless cap screws to fill the clip-mounting holes on all my knives except the Spydercos. Never found anything here that works.
I used to hate clips and actively sought out knived not so equipped or that were drilled & tapped.
Clips have their place, but they generally annoy me with a few exceptions.
Later, Bill
I used to like clips, until one day after class I put (or was it took off?) my backpack, and the knife clipped itself from my pocket onto my backpack strap.

Ever since I got a Gary Graley sheath with my Sebenza, it's been belts sheaths all the way. Just recently got a nylon and canvas one from Bill's Custom Sheaths (ordered it through Bladegallery.com). Horray for belt sheaths!


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I have caught them on seatbelts, and everything else. I only had one snap off and go flying, but that was a cheap plastic one.

(I wonder if some of the companys would include an extra metal clip or two if we asked?)
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Firebat:
If I could get larger folders to stand up inside my pocket and stay there, that would be ideal- like one of those "in the pocket sheaths".


The thumb ramp on my Kershaw Boa was sawing a hole in my jeans, so I pulled the clip off and stuck it in a large Kangaroo pouch. Seems MUCH better now.


Lost my first Spyderco a few years back,I was hunting had it clipped inside a chest pocket with the zipper pulled tight to the knife and a flap over it,and I lost it.I believe the sling from my gun got under the clip and pulled it out.
Have more than one scratch on my cars from clips also_Overall I still like clips,just check the knife more often and carry in more secure locations when "active".
I lost my Benchmade mini-reflex a couple years ago while bagging leaves in the year.

Noticed it was gone after about 20 bags. Started opening them up, and after about two I noticed it was "clipped" to one of the bags! It seems when I picked up a bag full of leaves, it went directly from my pocket to the side of the bag.

I've had several instances of back-tracking to find a folder that got hooked out of my pocket.

I haven't had that happen since I started clipping my carry folders inside the waistband, with clip under my belt. Best results when clipped at an angle, so knife rides clip-to-rear. If clipped vertically, the knife tends to get pushed up when you raise your leg.

I've been carrying my CS voyager on duty for years now, and find the clip is pretty reliable and barely disturbs the lines of the grip. I carry the knife in my right trouser pocket, right under the pistol, where it's pretty much hidden from view, and also protected against snagging and such.
This type of moulded-in clip sits a bit lower than the screw-on metal ones, but, of course, it can't be replaced if broken.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Michael_Aos:
The thumb ramp on my Kershaw Boa was sawing a hole in my jeans, so I pulled the clip off and stuck it in a large Kangaroo pouch. Seems MUCH better now.

The thumb ramp on my Boa was sawing a hole in everything it came into contact with, including the side of my hand whenever I reached into my pocket past it. I finally took my dremel to the sharp edges on the ramp and rounded them off. Since then I have not had any problems with it. My hand and my jeans are both happier with the clip carry.

--Bob Q
Evil plot to make us lose knives, I've said so for years. And Sal always seems like such a nice guy...
Was never too fond of pocket clips especially after I caught one on a car door getting out which dropped my new Klotzi on the gravel leaving a nice scar. Nowadays, I usually use a sheath and have taken to ordering my knives from makers without a clip.

I've never had a problem with clips. I also liked to carry a nice compact knife clipped inside the waistband, clip under the belt. Very convenient, very secure, entirely comfortable.

This winter, I've started carrying a folder in my left shirt pocket. (Right now I have TWO Benchmades there! The 730 Ares and a monster 650 Spike.)

I never snagged a knife but I know what you're up against: I have to wear watches turned in because I always smash them up against walls.