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Win Heger

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Feb 29, 2000
Several years ago knifmaker Jimmy Fikes made a video of him testing knives and a sword. I have a copy of this that I would like to see
get passed around to anyone that wants to see it.

Fikes was a leader in forging and making Damascus. He no longer makes knives, and is
missed by those that know his work.

Don't get a bag of popcorn and tell your wife to sit down for a movie. This is pretty
boring to most women but if you like knife content it is way cool.

First E-mail gets the tape shipped free, just copy it and pass it on.

Happy Holidays,
Win Heger
PS Thanks to an anonymous source for my extra

PSS Tape sent to SammyB I know he'll pass it along.

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Could I PLEASE be next on the video list??
Thanks Win!

Knives in STOCK!! I just updated my website, PLEASE take a look :) have it wrong, Everyone should see this tape!
Fikes is pretty wild character, testing of knives, swords and such that everyone can learn a little from!


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Jimmy Fikes is the best knife maker in the world who doesnt make knives.

Although ive seen it, some one make me a copy, please.

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Having had this video for several years, all I can say is that it is defintiely a must see. Jimmy does more to slice (no pun intended) throught the crap and tripe of knives in the short amount of time on the tape, then could be slung over these Forums for MONTHS!
The Man can do more with a piece of simple carbon steel and edge holding then some makers can with a piece of the latest "Exotico 4?? Series Neverdull", and with more class, nonetheless! When you see the tape, you'll wonder why the "Newclear Tuff" guy doesn't test one of his, edge holding wise, against one of Jimmy's.

But, if you see the video, don't be in ANY rush to get a knife from him. Matt's right when he says that he's one of the greatest knife maker that doesn't make knives. Consider him "retired", and if you know or know of him, you'll know what I'm hintin' at.
Some things, like the Universe, operate mysteriously. He is truly one of the most interesting people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and as far as his knives, well, I've had the pleasure of scars showing how sharp his knives really are!

Take care,
John Johnson

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