You show me yours and I'll show you mine...

Oct 2, 1998
I want to see just how many knives you knuts own. In the six months that I've been collecting, I've amassed quite a colection of super-sharp things. I want to see the total number of folders, fixed blades, swords, and multi-tool you guys have. I'd also like you to name your favorites (that you presently own) in each category and tell how long you've been collecting.

I'll start off...

Folders (14) including:
EDI Genesis
Microtech SOCOM
Chris Reeve small Sebenza
REKAT Pioneer
Spyderco Wayne Goddard Jr.
BM 3500 Mel Pardue auto
BM Leopard Cub
various others...
BTW - I've also sold three others in order to acquire my first custom (Carson Model 4 on order).

Multi-tools - (4)
Leatherman WAVE
Leatherman Micra (two)

FB's and swords - none yet, but definately in my future plans...

So come on, 'fess up. Once you add 'em up, are you suprised at how many you actually have? I sure was.

Well Senator...

I used to have a lot of Spyderco & Benchmades but I sold everything but a Police (sentimental value) and got this:

SOCOM M/A Black Blade Plain
SOCOM D/A Black Blade Serra (in the mail)
Mini SOCOM (maybe one day)
Hawk in the factory to fix the blade
Commander with custom scales (smooth G-10)
Large Decorated Sebenza
Pat Crawford's Kasper
Kestrel (soon)
Bali-song 35s (for cracks & giggles)
And a custom collaboration between Reese & I for a fixed blade "hawk"

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

I own a spydie ladybug and a mini-SOCOM M/A.

Aren't I sad? Well fear not, I've got a calypso jr. and a ladybug2 in the mail, and by this time next year I expect to be bankrupt and pushing around a shopping cart full of knives. Watch for me!

=- Craig
Listing the ones that count:
BM mini-stryker
BM 350
BM Brend Combat Talon II
Spyderco Standard
FB: Greco Boot
Muela Vareto
Tools: SOG para-tool
Gerber multi plier
leatherman micra
Still trying to figure out what's next.

Well here goes:
Dalton Seal Knife
OX Seal Knife
Ox Seal Knife #'d and polished
Dalton Gripper
Hubertus Pen Blade release
BM Auto Stryker
Dalton Cupids:Giant
Dalton Lefty Model
Boker Mini Bomber Auto
S & W Army Issue (2)
MT Ludt Splash
BM Auto Spikes:Black
Neeley PeshKabaz
Ron Gaston Hunter
Easler Boot
Warren Thomas Neck Knife
Chavar Neck Knife
Marbles Expert
Marbles Woodcraft
Huey Fighter
Dozier Toothpick
Crawford Devil Dart (leg model)
BM Balisong 44
Gerber Paul Knife
S & W Police Issue
Vero Beach mini UDT
JAS small auto
Cold Steel Terminator
Gerber MkII Black
Sog Pentagon
Crawford Kasper Folder
MOD Lady Hawk
Spyderco Terzuola Clipit
Spyderco Q clipit (3)
MT Pre Production Mini Socom
MT Red Mini Socom
Knuff Bowie
BM Axis Lock
Boker Top Lck Auto (blue bone)
Dalton Gypsy
Buck 110 Auto Conversion
Rekat Hobbit Fang
Elgin Gravity
Blackjack Monahan Stinger
Gerber Cliplock
Pilot Auto Knife (2)
various other antique and pocket knives
It was a very expensive year !!! Lets see how my accountant can write this off.

I would need a seperate web site for that. Anyway you can see a few of my knives which I will be posting in the individual for sale forum later tonight.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

OK, this looks like fun:

2 AlMar QuicksilverV 5.5" linerlocks. The one knife I'm least likely to be without, I own two because they're long out of production. VERY rare I wear both.

Cold Steel Vaquero Grande with personal mods. I have a homebrew "shoulder holster" rig for it.

Mad Dog WSP1, a rare ATAK variant (forward serrations).

Harald Moeller "Viper II" thrower. Bought both to learn to throw and to closely examine Harald's work prior to having The Outsider show up. VERY good work, BTW.

The Outsider - my design, Moeller built, Scott Evans sheathwork. See previous posts for pics. Carried VERY often, literally my "dream knife".

Mutant grafted together Muskrat folder made out of two CRKT Apaches. Carried if I face a 4" blade limit.

Gerber Multipliers (old, non-lock) with hex drive.

Mad Dog Axe. A one-off "woodsman" type unrelated to the Hawk/Raven. Kevin held it up at Knifignugen, said "first $50 takes it" and I figured a Mad Dog *anything* was worth that.

19th century Engineer's shortsword, 16" blade, strong and in combat capable condition. Sheath has matching regimental marks, may be Dutch.

Sword blade ground by Alan Folts, not yet mounted. Trying to finish it this month...should make a splendid "use and abuse" piece.

OLD Japanese sword blade, theft recovery just weeks ago after a year gone, I've got *very* special plans for the former roomie thief. Pre-dates 1864, I'm trying to get a more solid appraisal. I may sell it, I was told it was early 20th century production and I wasn't shopping for a "wallhanger antique".

And that's it, and I'm not currently shopping except eventually I'll upgrade tools. Probably the Spydie...

Jim March
Well, not much but here goes:
BM SBT Stryker
CRKT Doolittle (BM Lepoard Cub clone)
CRKT Wrangler(both Colt and Mustang)
Boye Basic III
Parker-Eagle Damascus Liner-Lock Clip point
Imperial barlow
CS Bushman
CS Minipal
Almost forgot Victorinox Camper SAK
Queen blue-bone whittler 1997

Bear MGC drop-point Damascus Butterfly(Just sold it)


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I'm a lightweight by BladeForums standards.

Spyderco Military
BM Leopard Cub
BM Axis
Kershaw Random Task
1950's Henkels Stockman that I inherited from my father

That's all right now.
Benchmade Mini AFCK
Emerson Raven
Spyderco Calypso
CRKT Stiff K.I.S.S.
Spyderco Jess Horn (flat grind with white handles, got from A.G. Russell)
Bud Nealy Aikuchi
Spyderco Evolution Edition
and about 40 others not worth mentioning...
I need more!!!

Here they are:
*BM Panter
*Spyderco Dragonfly
*CS Ultralock
*Gerber LST
*Kershaw Black Gulch
*CS Military Rescue 1
*Victorinox Soldier
*EKA mod.82/Normark "SuperSwede"
*EKA mod.86
*An 30+ year old German Solingen hawkbill

Fixed blades:
*Fallkniven F1
*a knife which I made myself with wooden/reindeer handle and 5.5" CarbonV blade.

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

See if I can remember all this....
2 engraved police models.
Tim Wegner
Spyde Military
First prod. run Lrg Applegate.
Benchmade 44
Microtech Halo 2
Coldsteel lrg clip
Gunsite folder
Vaquero Grande
Cold steel safekeeper.
Cold steel Tanto
Gerber Mark 2
USAF survival
Pat Crawford Assassin
First prod. run Axis lock
REKAT Pocket Hobbit
Berreta knife
Schrade uncle henry
Boker matic
Boker lock back
Sarco rollex
butterfly knife (cant remember name)
mini pal
and various other small pocket knives from my grand pa. More always on the way.

I have been collecting knives for approximately 2 years.
R. Fowler model 146
sog seal pup
Reeves aviator
mission mpf
bm stryker
lg plain sebenza
2 ravens
broadwell cold fire
jet edge
bm emerson
kershaw 1415st
2 ma socoms
smith and wesson swat
spyderco police
spyderco endura
krait (being delivered next week)
2 multi tools
3 swiss army knives
and assortment of knives not worth mentioning

good grief Nick, from now on, I'll just ask you for reviews. Maybe a loan? I can't say if I even qualify in the lightweight category in this subject!

Well I had to sit down and count!
In all the catagories combined I have eighty-two pieces . Choosing a favorite is almost impossible ! Here are a few that are at the top of the list;
Emerson Commander
Emerson Raven
Spyderco Civilian
Gerber Paul knife
Microtech M/A SOCOM
BM 3500
Spyderco Cricket ( great money clip)
Kissing Crane Stilletto (KC 45) - because it gets tons of comments !
Well I could go on but they can't all be favorites , or could they ?
Here's mine:

Large Sebenza
MAD DOG Panther (at the hard chromer's)

not to many,but here it is:
thats about it for now,but probably
going to buy something at the custom
show in n.y. in march, something in a
tanto blade.

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Well, here are the ones worth mentioning:

BM 330 Gent
BM Leopard Cub
Boye Basic III
Spyderco Calypso Jr.
Spyderco Mini-Dyad
Victorinox Tinker
William Henry Carbon Fiber Lancet
William Henry Spearpoint with bone scales (my latest aquisition and a VERY nice knife, I have to say)

I thought I was starting to collect too many knives, but it's nothing compared to some of the others here! It gives me a rationalization to go out and buy more!

I really feel inadequate here, posting such a *small* list

BM 970
BM Leopard Cub with a purple handle (this was bought to cut the umbilical cord of my second son)
EDI Genesis
Mini-SOCOM (soon to be)
Spyderco Endura
Spyderco Rescue


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Burmese Dha
Double Edged Mason Ceremonial Sword
Long Knives
Filipino Talibon
Daggers and Fixed Blades
Indian Khanjar, Gil Hibben Shadow (A gift), Mountain Man Clip point
Filipino Brass Balisong Pen, Filipino Balisong, Busted Tekna Auto knife, Teal Timberlite Medium 1/2 serrated spear point, SAK, Cub Scout version of SAK, small SAK with aluminum handles, Thai Double edged brass letter opener, Generic switchblade letter opener
BM Tsunami, CRKT STIFF KISS, Spyderco Endura