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You wanted it... Sure ? Sooo, this is for you !

Oct 16, 1998

We will review a Mad Dog Knife
not thanks to Kevin Mcloung but because
many forumites asked us to check
one of his expensive knives.

The Seal ATAK has been provided by a forumite who wish to remain
incognito. It has never been used ... YET !

The test begins Tuesday in the woods of Holy Normandy.

And we will soon hear if it barks like a Dog or like a Pug...



Being descended from Celtic & Anglo-Saxon ancestry, I wouldn't call Normandy "Holy!"
Maybe "hallowed" would be a better adjective, in recognition of the 1944 D-Day invasion? Surely the landing beaches, especially Omaha beach, could be considered hallowed ground, much like the Gettysburg battlefield for example.

FWIW, Nemo's English is _far_ better than my French...

I don't really know unholy places...

This land is so old.

My place is in Brittany, Broceliande Forest of Merlin...


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[This message has been edited by Nemo (edited 02 February 1999).]
Bruce E, I like your thought better. Seems like my ancestors and countrymen keep dying in Normandy or under the hands of Normans. Nemo, when you do your test, pause a moment and put your hand over your heart.
For all brave hearts
let's raise our glass !


Speaking of:

A local veteran, 102 yr old Charles Vernon, just received the French Legion of Merit for his WW1 service. A French embassy official went to his home and presented it to him.
Very cool! And funny when the Embassy guy kissed Sgt. Vernon

Not bad Nemo, now all the French have to do is improve their wine which is, as we all know, inferior to California wines

Ha about wines !

you know I really enjoy Californian, South African, Australian wines .
I am very open to all wines and got very good surprises with Caberney from South Africa or from Romania.

In France there is excellent and also very bad bottles. It comes from the year or sometime by the bottle.
Everytime you open a bottle it's the wheel of fortune.
In the Australian or Californian, the people are so perfectionnist, you will never find a bad bottle but also it will be hard to find an excellent.

About Champagne, all exported Champagne from France got sugar addition inside for the conservation. So everytime we got guests from the US or even from the UK tasting our Champagne bought in France they don't recognize it (and prefer it) as it is less sweet and much better.

Let's do a wine forums !
I will take care of the drunk forum.

Would you please for the benefit of all the new forum members introduce yourself and Fred and let everyone know the good work you guys do and where you are from?

I think everyone would like to know a little more about you guys.




this is very gentle!
I don't want to bother people unless they got time...

I have put a big bio of Fred on his site
at www.fredperrin.com
I have called it
"The Man Behind The Edge"

and mine is on my old site by clicking on my logo.



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