Your designs - Inspirational

Feb 13, 2016
I've just started making my own stuff and I gotta tell you man, your design's are just inspirational. When I first started designing-everything I ended up with just looked so traditional and like everybody else's. Form follows function, but you don't have to be a slave to it.

Just seeing the different grinds and how they were combined and contrasted is just mind blowing. It's not some "klingon battle knife" or goofy tool that would break the first time it was used - it's clear they are a working man's tools - but also much more.

I don't want to get too fanboy. Just want to say thanks.

Tom Brown


American Kami Custom Blades / Knifemaker
Oct 24, 2000
Thanks so much, buddy! Very glad to hear that you appreciate what I'm doing. If what I do inspires just one person to pick of a piece of steel and start grinding on it, that is really an awesome thing. And I'm honored. :)