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Your Favorite Knife Manufacturer...

Nov 4, 2006
Seems that most people have a favorite knife company.. If you have a favorite, what company is it and why do prefer that company ? It could be a current manufacturer or a manufacturer from days gone by...
I would have to say Queen Cutlery and these are the reasons...Made in America with American Quality and Pride...:) Oh yeah meanwhile making Cutlery in the same building where knives have been made for over a hundred years..





For it's long tradition of providing great real life work knives for all different types, I gotta say Buck, with Queen sitting right on their heels.
I'd have to go with the Bruckman firm of Germany, just before the war. Impecable fit and finish, high grade carbon steel, very nice polished horn handles. Post war till the 60's I'd go with the Hen and Rooster. Till the death of the two Bertram brothers, and the sale of the company name, they were probably the best of the post war pocket knives. Really great stag!

In U. S. companies, I'll go with the old days of the Schrade-Walden knives. After the time period they became Schrade, they started a long slow decline in overall quality. But the period of the Waldens were very good!

Of course there is the Opinel company. Theres a heck of alot to be said for a knife company thats been going since 1890, is still family owned, and makes a hell of a good cutting knife for 10 bucks!!!
Jackknife, I learn something new here everyday.. I didn't know that there were early Hen and Rooster knives...
Another vote for Bruckmann as #1 favorite. The only other knives I specifically collect are Old Timers, but since Schrade quality is so hit-or-miss with their various product lines, I can't say they're one of my favorite companies.

For #2 I'd say Bark River.