Your favorite type of damascus??


Jun 27, 1999
I am just wondering what is everyone's favorite type of damascus? Nickel, Stainless, High Contrast Carbon, Mokume etc...

What metals for that type of damascus?

I'm not much for stainless damascus alone in a blade, but I do like Damasteel and stainless damascus outside over a really good steel(440V).
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I like 1095/L6. It looks good and is functional too.

'Course, I like all the others too!


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I too like Blues find favor with 1095/L6 but don't sell 1018/O-1 short though. I know Tim Zowanda has written that this combination ends up with too little carbon after migration. But I have knives with this combination where the maker has taken special pains to control heat mitigating the criticisms Tim offers. A hunter made by Guy Heilscher in 1018/O-1 has an RC of 60-62 and cuts like the devil. No trade offs there

Overall I guess I prefer random, raindrop, and ladder patterns the best.

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As far as performance damascus has no edge on plain ole carbon steel, so i wont get into the performance differnces of variations in damascus (plus my hands on knowledge in damascus performance variations is to limited to form a supported position!!)

As far as looks- Rob Hudsons flame edge, persian style!