Your Favorite Vendor to buy G10 from? -

RL, I get my G10 from shefffields knifemakers supply, they have a good assortment of colors, and thickness.
Make sure you wear your respirator, and use a sharp belt , because you can
burn the glass in it, if your not careful , and the burn can go real deep.
Hey Roger, please allow me to usurp your thread for a moment and say to Jon,

Man I like the looks of your avatar. Can you post or send me a big version so I can see what's going on there? I'm very curious!

Thanks Roger, what you got up your sleeve for the G10? Inquiring minds need to know. :D
I purchase most of my G-10 for EBKs from Halpern Titanium......
It arrives still covered with protective plastic sheeting, and is always top quality. $15 a square foot isn't a bad price either... (I generally use the blue/black or green/black varieties.)

I got mine from Alpha Knife Supply. Beebee visits this forum.

G10 works much easier than Micarta (to me anyway). Grinds faster, finishes faster. It also has more feel or texture than micarta. Awsome kitchen knife material - I think.

I got it from K&G as a 5" X 12" sheet the only time I bought some. It was for a special order-I generally like to use hardwood, horn and bone. I used what didn't go into that handle for bolsters.

It is really nasty to work with, very irritating dust. It does finish nicely though. It reminds me of linen micarta.

I get it from Chuck Bybee at Alpha Knife Supply! :D

Chuck even has "Bowie Blocks" in the stuff!

While you're at it, you can get some carbon fiber from him. Just think... Scandi in S30V and carbon fiber.... Hmmmmm.... :)

Thanks all. I have never noticed it in my Sheffield cataloge. Thanks Nick for the hint about the carbon fiber scandi.

Do most of you just shape the G10 with contours or do you checker it?? If you checker it, what do you use?

Thanks for the help