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Your First Knife

Feb 25, 1999
Seeing that we are all knife knuts here I was
wondering how the fixation for a blade got
started for you guys. Important things are
not easily erased from our memory (ie where
were you when the challenger blew up) so I
figure a first experiance with a knife should
be pretty vivid.

I can remember my first knife, I was
around 8 years old when I recieved my Expo 86
key chain knife. (Back then I thought it was
a mega folder, now I look back and realize it
more resembles a sewing needle) It was my
first knife and I can remember my father
giving me spefic instructions as to handle
and take care of it. Then I was given an bar
of ivory soap which I used to carve the USS
Ivory my bathtub companion. (which due to
its dullness would have gone faster with a
spoon) I enjoyed it and still have that
knife somewhere, good memories.

How about you guys and your first knife
stories? Does it bring back memories? It
sure does for me.


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I've carried a Victorinox Mini-Champ for a number of years. However, last summer I bought a small Smith & Wesson SWAT at a gun and knife show. After doing a little research on the web, I was hooked. Now over $2000 worth of knives later... I'm completely out of control.


Deo Vindice

my first knife was a barlow I was about
5years old I still have a nice 1/2 in
cut on my finger from it. That was when I
learned knives are sharpe. mm
my first 15 years ago Gerber MarkI but real sicnes after first Mad Dog(Atak)
Ah---the boy scout knife I got from my best friend, seventh birthday. Still have it too!
About ten years old, I was shopping at the hardware store with my father and we came across the knife section. I believe it had a couple Schrade knives (Schrade CH7 I think was all they were carrying), and this generic brand. The price for the Schrade was $24.99, and the generic was $3.99 before a large percentage discount.
So I asked my father if he would buy my a knife and he said fine, and guess which one he chose off the rack?
Well I was happy, but would have been happier if he had spent $24.99 as opposed to $2.50 or so after the discount. That was my first knife that was really MINE, but not the knife that started me on the knife hobby/obsession.
The knife that really got me hooked was a Buck Protege that I bought at a local Wal-Mart or K-Mart. I had to bike a 8 mile round trip through busy streets at around 12 years of age. I would still have it, but that particular knife gave me scary flashbacks after I accidently slashed a large chunk of skin off my finger, and so I gave it to my brother when I got a Gerber. It served my brother well for about 5 months, and then it mysteriously disappeared.
My firdt knife was a Barlowe that my brother gave me when he got the first SAK that I had ever seen. I was just turned 7 at the time.

Walk in the Light,
I vaguely remember getting an imitation swiss army knife before embarking upon my first boyscout campout. Then I moved to france at age 10, where they have very different knife laws. At age 11 or 12, I bought a cheap survival knife and ran around the woods thinking I was Rambo, cutting up branches and such. When I was 13, I walked into a cigar shop located next to an open air market my parents had stopped at. My eyes lit up when I saw a switchblade sitting inside the display case at the counter, at a price of 100 francs (about $15 at the time.)To my astonishment, the old guy behind the counter sold it to me, and I played with the thing constantly for about 2 weeks before my parents found it and immediately confiscated it. They gave it to an uncle of mine, who had it for about 10 years before stumbling across it while moving, and he just gave it back to me recently. But I didn't really get into knife collecting until I was 20. I happened upon a Beretta tactical folder with a skeletonized blade, killing time while one of my friends was shopping, and found myself strangely attracted to it. Once I succumbed to that urge, it was all over, and there was no stopping me ever again....