Your Opinion on the M.O.D. Lady Hawk

Sep 30, 2000
I'm just looking for any comments relating to the Masters Of Defense Lady Hawk. Tell me what you like or dislike about the knife.
I'm debating on trading for one or purchasing one.
I do not know the Lady Hawk, I have only seen it in pictures. The Dieter CQD on the other hand I know well. It is a well made, tough knife that I like very much. If the Lady Hawk is as good, IMO you will like it.

Handled one at a gun & knife show recently. Seemed to be a solidly built knife. Really ugly clip, though.


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If you haven't handled one, you might not realize how small it is. It works great for my medium sized hands, but friends with large paws find it awkward. Fit and finish are great! Are you thinking auto or manual? Hope this helps.

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Here she is. It's not the best pic because I'm just learning how to use my scanner. Kind of small, but very much a user. Would be difficult to keep sharp in my opinion. The clip is just right for the size and shape. A very solid knife. My only complaint (which is minor) is the liner lock release. It's recessed to the point that you have to use your fingernail to release the blade.

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MOD knives are very well made, so no problems with quality there. But if you haven't had one in your hand, you might not realize how small it really is. My hands are probably smaller than average, and it's too small for me to open comfortably, and there's not much handle to hold on to. The auto version would be easily openable, but still small for me to hold. I'd recommend trying to get your hands on one before deciding. It's an excellent knife for its intended purpose, but not for everyone. (Much like the CQD, which is too big for many hands)

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wife has 1 - + features - small neat looking knife very sharp - negs - blade is difficult to sharpen, blade is small (its like "2 3/4 i think) and i thought wss high $ for the size - but my wife carries it and loves it so what can i say? she doesnt have to sharpen it i do LOL

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Vet95LT1:
wife has 1 - + features - small neat looking knife very sharp - negs - blade is difficult to sharpen, blade is small (its like "2 3/4 i think) and i thought wss high $ for the size - but my wife carries it and loves it so what can i say? she doesnt have to sharpen it i do LOL

"Yes, I wondered how someone would go about sharpening one. It appears that it would be quite difficult. Does it seem to hold an edge well? Is it very sharp out of the box from the factory?"

i have 3 MOD knives - 2 razorbacks, and a ladyhawk - it like all MOD knives holds a great edge but due to the shape of the blade it takes a special procedure to sharpen different than my other knives - gotta figure 8 it - the curve just doesnt bite right due to design of blade w/my usual technique - but use a soft ark and then a good steel and ya got it - i dont know not really harder but definitly different - hard to explain - hope this helps ya out bud

I've never really handled this knife, but the method for sharpening it should be pretty standard for a recurve shaped knife. There was some discussion about sharpening an Emerson La Griffe which would relate.

Quickly to summerize that, to sharpen a recurve blade of this sort, you need to have a very small contact area between your stone and the edge at one time. I usually use a ceramic sharpening stick, or the corner of one of my stones. Simply go along the stone or stick like this going all along the blade. Think of using the knife to cut the corner off your stone.

It will take a bit longer, because you are sharpening such a small area at any given time, but it isn't hard and doesn't really take any special gear. I've actually done this kind of sharpening on the lip of a ceramic coffee cup in a pinch.

Anyway, I don't have any particular opinion about the LadyHawk, just offering this so that concern over sharpenability doesn't have to play a factor in your decision.
qwertyname has the right idea. I use the Sharpmaker on my La Griffe with no difficulty, very quick, dangerously sharp results.
I bought one this week, when Fällkniven AB had a 50% off on all MOD:s and Microtechs.
I bought the one with a black blade.
In my opinion, the blade is a little too small, but if it is used as a slashing device, it will probably do. Since the blade is curved, you cannot stab with it.
The knife fits in the palm of the hand when closed.
The quality seems very high indeed. There is a clip, that is not reversible. Rubber insets on one side makes for a non-slip surface.
For a last-ditch weapon, I like it very much. I only paid something like $110 for it. The normal Swedish price is $230 approx.
Considering this, it gives a lot of value for the money.
Bought one last weekend. I know it's only been a short time but I have to say, I love mine. Thomas is right regarding that rubber insert. I can hang on to the Lady Hawk very securely.

Got one for my wife as an anniversary present. When it arrived it felt weird and was way too small for my hand. Looked cool though! I thought she would not like it either, but I was totally wrong. She said it was the most 'natural feeling' knife she had ever held and she loves it and takes it everywhere. She is a petite 5' tall Asian American and I'm a chunky 6' foot tall Irish American. You have to pick which one of us you are closer to in stature. Remember, it was designed by a woman for women.