Your Spydie wish list for 2003?


Feb 12, 2002
In no particular order, my list includes:

Spyderco ATR :cool:
Spyderco Lil' Temperance (Modified Spear Point, on order :))
Spyderco Cricket SS :eek:
Spyderco DoDo
Spyderco Kiwi
Spyderco Impala (Guthook)
Spyderco SpydeRench
Spyderco Diamond Triangles for the 204
Th ATR tops my list followed by the Ronin, SPOT, and SS Cricket.
My Spydie wish-list is a short one: A "left-handed" Police model.:).
Ok, in no particular order

Leave point Lil' Temperance - or order - would be cool to get the S30V version :D
Native III - VG-10, with the new handle SE and PE
SE CF Police - On Order

Chinook II, actually I still like Chinook I
PE Temperance
Another Delica

Kiwi, in a kydex neck sheath or maybe with a clip added. Sorry. :p

Stuff I just want to see up close
Lil Temperance
I just saw a pic of the Chinook II. It just made my short list. I will have one of these as soon as they are available. WOW!
shootist: where where?
I'd like to have the paramiitary, forum spyderhawk, native, native 3d, chinook II
I think that MY wishlist would include just about any Spyderco at the moment considering I don't own one!!!!

I'm thinking about getting an endura, because my boyfriend has one and I think its a nice knife. I agree with him " "It's got curves in all the right places" But the only thing I don't like about it is the handle. I wish it came in pink or orange. :( That would be my dream knife!! ;)
May very well end up with an S30V Native, maybe a new S30V chinook but to be honest I doubt it, none of the new models appeal to me at all except the Trakk'r (or whatever it's called now) and the Blue Rescue, neither of which appeal to me enough to actually buy.
May, however, now that I've run out of excuses to resist, get a Spydie S30V Military.

Still awaiting the Spyderbali... :D
I need a new Delica PE. I was deciding between FRN or stainless, but now I have to consider the CF Delica carefully.
#1 Choice is the Ronin. Very nice knife. Should be perfect for my needs.
As addendum (now that I've seen them) The Dodo, ATR, and Cricket SS look appealing, especially the Dodo.
Maybe i`m oldfashioned but i own three Enduras and none is full plain,
so i just ordered one.

Second may be a Ronin.

not to be snooty or anything, but what's so "old fashioned" about owning 3 serrated or semi-serrated Spydie Enduras?
but getting a plainedge one was a good choice, sharp little buggers :)
#1 would be a Spyderco SS VG10

#2 a Trakker (I wish)

#3 a Chinook II