your thoughts on Ti Knives

Mar 7, 2000
anyone own one? use one? do these have any rugged utility use or are they precision only? i.e. would you use one on a camping/canoe trip for your non sak folder?
Are you referring to the brand "TiKnives", or do you mean a Ti bladed knife?

Can't help you with the first one, but IMO, Ti blades will take a nice edge, and although they lose it fairly quickly, they resharpen pretty easily. I like my Boker Orion as a dress knife, but since it needs a touch up pretty much every time I carry it, I don't know that I'd use it for extended duty.

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more specific info please

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Okay, Ill throw my 2cents in. I belive that for a canoe/outdoors folder that the sealed bearings in a TiNives folder are too suceptible to grit and crap one might expect to get into the folder in those situations. This wouldnt be such a big deal, however, as they are sealed, its more difficult to get junk out than it is to let it in, making field cleaning (swishing in a pond or stream) completely out of the question. Perhaps you should post this in the Tiknives forum, cuz they know a whole lot more than I do

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