Yvsa Flute Music


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Apr 5, 2005


Karda has a special project he would like to share with you He is trying to produce a small batch of printed CD packages of Yvsa's Traditional flute music for his wife and family mostly. with a few copies to share with his friends.This was his legacy for his children to be passed on.

I have a project i've been working on for awhile. A legacy project for the family of one of our dearest members and friends, who sadly is no longer with us. Something he left for his wife, children and their children.
Awhile back, Yvsa Gigagei's widow sent me a CD of his traditional style Cherokee flute music. Composed and played by him it was beautiful music, but poorly produced on equipment from the 1990's or earlier. With Barb's permission, I've done my best to remaster the entire CD. I removed all clicks and pops from poor editing and cleaned the sound up immeasurably. I also have the CD art and case art done It is all pretty much ready to go to send to his wife and family members. Except for needing a quality, trustworthy place to have the CD's and case art printed. I can burn the disks myself. I'm only looking to make enough to send to his family and a few for his forum friends, about 50 copies

Can any of you recommend a place who does this type of thing inexpensively or a way for me to do it in-house? Do any of you have access to this type of equipment or would like to help get this done? Do any of you have Graphic design knowledge? Working with templates in photoshop? I need someone who understands DPI, Resolutions, dimensions and the like so that they are print ready. Ive never done this before so any help is appreciated.


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Nov 26, 2002
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Jan 30, 2002
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