Zanjir Pattern Damascus Dagger, multibar with twist-flute wire wrap. NOW SOLD.

Oct 20, 2008
Here’s my latest non-culinary blade creation...

The overall theme of this dagger is one of selecting disparate swordly elements and combining them in a dagger size and conformation. The wire-wrap grip is more of a renaissance Italian feature, while the wheel pommel and quillon guard can be found on medieval arming swords of Oakeshott typology.

The grip itself is a carved walnut core of ovoid cross section, tapering uniformly to the butt, with four spiral flutes of 1-1/4 twist over the length. This is covered with a herringbone wrap of iron wire which is conformed to the flutes, and trimmed at the ends in 3 lead 7 bight turk’s head knots of twisted copper wire. Overall the feel is slim and grippy.

The pommel is forged of coarse wrought iron from an old wagon wheel, etched to show the circular grain flow from forging, and features an integral peen block up top where the mild steel tang end is peened over tight. My “Torch in Cirle” Promethean Knives logo is subtly etched into the center of the obverse side.

The guard is forged of the same wrought iron, hot-punched to form a blade seat, and hot-bent at the tips, with a shield-form boss at the grip center. Grain is etched to reveal forging flow.

The blade is a composite of merovingian, viking, and persian pattern welding styles, being composed of four bars of left/right twist merovingian style layup, with a center-grind bar of “zanjir” pattern running down each side. The “zanjir” means “chain” in Urdu, and is a historical pattern that can be found in Persian weapons from the 1700’s, as well as much earlier blades from the pan-Celtic world. It is composed of three, five layer bars- a central chain or snake bar with two straight edge bars. Technically that makes this blade a 10-bar composite. It is made of 1080 and 15n20 steels, and tempered into the Rc 58-59 range. It features 8” hollow grinds and is currently razor sharp.

This dagger won “Best in Show” and “Best Damascus Knife of Show” at the OKCA knife show, Eugene Oregon, April 8th 2017. I'm keeping the plaques, but there are two additional smaller metal plates with the awards that will come with the knife, suitable for display with knife or to be installed on a display case/box.

Blade length, tip to front of guard- 11-1/8”
Grip, front of guard to end of pommel- 5-5/8”
Overall length- 16-3/4”
Guard width, 5-1/8”
Effective grip length, rear of guard to beginning of pommel- 4-1/8”
Blade width at guard- 1-3/8”
Blade thickness, midrib at guard- .300”
Pommel width, 1-1/4” round
Balance point is 1.5” in front of guard.
Overall weight is 14.75 oz.

Price is $2000 plus insured shipping. NOW SOLD. I can include a few pictures taken during the making of it as well, in case of any interest in that….
I will ship internationally, provided item is legal in destination country and all additional shipping is paid for.

Enough yakking, here’s pics and a vid! Enjoy!



















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