Zeno Watches.

I haven't owned one personally, but I've heard generally very good things about these watches. One note FWIW; I notice that several of their models feature ETA 2824 movements. These are widely used throughout the industry with good success, but I will say that I recently ran into problems with one when the stem fell out after only about three uses. In all fairness, this particular watch was made by another manufacturer, and believe it or not, the quality of the manufacturer can have a tremendous impact on the apparent quality of the movement (even ones they don't manufacture themselves). At any rate, it's likely that I was just unlucky and got a lemon. I see Zeno also uses some Valjoux 7750 movements which are very nice (as the price on these watches would seem to indicate).
Yeah, that's a nice one, Rick. I also like it with the white face:


If you haven't located a good source for Zenos yet, you might want to drop Eddie Platts an email. He owns TimeFactors and is a super guy. He lives in England, but does a lot of business in the US, so you shouldn't have any problems.


The white is nice, but I like Black.

I guess it's a Harley thing. :D
I like this one myself.


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The picture is a 1561, but the auction is for a 1561T; it has a texture bezel. :barf:

They're easy to find for $120.