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Zero Bevel Grind?

Oct 28, 2005
I know that many of the customs that Ernie makes have a zero bevel grind on them, but does anyone know if there is a custom knife maker or knife "mechanic" that is willing to change an Emerson from a chisel to a zero bevel grind?
I'm confused. Chisel ground usually refers to asymmetry and zero bevel refers to the absence of a secondary bevel. Do you want to eliminate the asymmetry of the blade?
I know a pimper who will turn your chisel into a zero grind. However, I will not post his email and you don't accept PM's or emails.

Please note that a true zero grind in cross section is a straight line from the first grind point to the edge while all aftermarket "zero" grinds I've seen are a slight concave curve since they are done on a belt grinder.
rather than try that i would try and lower the angle on it with a edgepro or have someone else do it on a grinder/etc;

*makes a big diff in sharpness imho,

*wont make it look funky, might mess up the coating some though,

anyway just a thought........either way will work