Zero to 2 in 6 days.

Oct 14, 2009
One little email to TTD and then things just started falling into place. He and I worked out a deal so I could obtain one of the Highly Coveted RAT Pack knives. No sooner than the deal was struck, I received an email from Adam and he had an RP-3 to unload as well. So, now I am the proud owner of two, countem, two two RAT Pack Knives. Does that make me cool yet?:confused: Sure hope so.

You may notice that one has a darker logo. Well, one has been selected to be a user, so, it needed the obligatory Bluing Pen treatment. I won't say which knife was chosen, but, they were both immaculate when they got here.

I'd like to thank both Tony and Adam for helping me out and being so quick on the shipping. Great knives guys!!






Your Welcome Tom,
that was the last un-numbered RP knives I had .... I really enjoyed talking with you and helping you obtain the knife you been looking for & I am glad to hear the lead I offerred Adam panned out as well
:eek: I'm very envious - I think this is a great combo and I'd love to get hold of one.
Great pics as always. Whew, glad it made it there safely. Well since one of them is a user I don’t feel so bad about filling in that 2” scratch with nail polish….

Just kidding. :D Pleasure making the trade with you, I’m sure liking my 3MIL. It’s currently in the car in my Get Home Bag riding in a brown Shotgunner11 sheath. If any of you are looking for some good prices and service on some ESEE blades, give TAGannon a holler. Definitely one of the good guys. Enjoy the knives!
You sure are in a club of select few who have more than one RAT Pack knife. I have one and thought I'd use it, but haven't been able to bring myself to scratch her up. So it look like she's going to be a "trophy queen". Congrats on your new blades and enjoy bro!
reminds me of a bumper sticker i've seen on VW buses.

"0 to 60... eventually!"