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Oct 2, 1998
The first time I came across Tom Wilkinson's (TomW here on the forums) zipper cases was with some knives I had received from Kit Carson last year.

Since that time I have obtained a few directly from Tom as well as with other premium knives, such as my pearl gents folder from Ralph Turnbull.

For those of you not familiar with them, Tom produces a variety of zipper cases for knives as well as models with a velcro closure.

The appearance is somewhat similar to an eyeglass case. The zipper is full length, allowing access to the entire interior compartment.

Some of the cases have a leather-look vinyl exterior, others cordura, faux snakeskin or suede. They are available in a variety of colors. All are very well made, stitched and finished. Each has a thick, soft synthetic fleece padding on the interior to protect the knife from both scratching and shock.

I have been using my cases on my best folders as well as many of my neck knives. They will accommodate a knife up to approximately six inches in length (whether folder or small fixed blade).

For those of you looking for an economical and practical way to take care of your knives, I would recommend getting in touch with our own Tom Wilkinson for pricing and further information.

Tom can be reached via email at: (Thomas Wilkinson)

Orders may be phoned in to 1-800-587-2276.

Highly recommended.

(Disclaimer: Other than as a friend and patron, I have no other connection with Tom and his products.)


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I have a couple of Tom's zipper pouches, and a velcro pouch. They are good stuff, and protect the knives quite well. They look nice as well, and are well worth you looking in to.

Thanks for the quick review, Elliott. I have also bought these same zippered cases from Tom to hold all my custom folders. Top quality products, good prices, and a nice selection to choose from. Add to that, Tom is who we dub as "good people" and a pleasure to do business with.

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Thanks for the kind words.
At the present time we are still selling wholesale only since it would be a conflict with the cutlery stores and knifemakers that carry our products.
We are also working on a new line of knife products that will be sold retail and should be released by summer 2000.
Advertising will appear here and Blade magazine.

I ordered about 25 of Tom and Ann's cases. They are high quality and super reasonably priced. I highly recommend them. Good job bringing this to the 'forums, Blues.

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Since you sell only wholesale, do you sell to any of the online knife shops that advertise on the forums.

If not, why not?
If you do, who sells them?