Zlatoust Russian knife)

Jun 20, 2002
I have just noticed a shop here in UK has started selling Zlatoust knives from Russia.

The two models available are the "Lissa" and the "Clychok"

Apparently they are made of 40X10C2M steel.

They look pretty nice to me. A bit reminiscent of Helle or Brusletto.

Does anyone have any experience with this brand ? Any good ?

Also how does this steel Measure up ? apparently it is used in the Russian armaments industry ?


Steel does not that good. It is something around 420. Yet I'll ask about it

Zlatoust is not a company but a city (think "Zolingen"). Houses a few knife-making companies. Models you encountered are made by "AiR". They seem (according to forums) to be not bad for price.
Rechecked the steel.
This is not so bad actually -- not too brittle, and stain-resistant.