ZT 0454 Pre-Order / Release Info ?

Not that I've seen/ I just hope folks don't start getting all hissy fitted over demanding exact pricing and release dates. :rolleyes:
I too am excited to get on for this one! But I agree that ZT is busy with other goodies right now. I was at Outdoor Retailer recently and a rep suggested next fall.
It'll probably be awhile. ZT still has 0888's and there's also the 0801CF's.

Not to mention the remaining 0777s, the remaining 0600s, the 0566, the 0770 aluminum and CF and 0350m390 which I assume are all higher priority than the 0454.
Was hoping since it was knife of the year it would have been on the cover of Blade Magazine this month. But nope a Microtech instead? The Nov cover should be a perk of winning KOTY.