ZT knives


Oct 6, 2006
Have any of you guys dealt with either the 0200 or 0400? I saw the other ones in a knife shop, and in a article in a magazine ,the ones with the cammo blades and they where around 300$ , at the knife shop,so I stopped looking. but I was just on line and saw the 0200 and 0400 and they where only about 150$ more my price range. I just got an Emerson super-7 and I'm happy with it,but for the same price I could have gotten one of those. The 0200 had a 4-1/4 blade! 154CM. WOW.I'll get one later, but I have no way to handle those models. They look well built from the pics.What do you guys think?
They are well built. From handling them, i like the 200 best, and for the price, it's a very good deal. Kershaw's supposed to be coming out with more ZTs soon, so hold off a while and see what else is new.
If you are planning on buying the 0100 fixed blade then the 0200 is the folder to get because they go together. Both have matched handles so no adjustment to grip is necessary to go from one to the other, and the sheath for the 0100 is made to hold the 0200 in the pocket in front of the blade. Its a great well thought out set up.

The 0400 is a great knife. I have really taken to it over the others after having all of them. The size, the blade steel, the grippy handle all come together to form a great knife. The only thing is I am not really fond of tanto blades. I wish the 0400 was available in the 0200 blade style but I have learned to deal with the tanto and actually find it doesn't get in the way or keep from using the blade the way I can the others due to the recurve and the way its shaped. It just works I can't explain it. Mine is a combo edge and I love Kershaws/Zero Tolerances serrations the best of all of them.

I think the 0400 is s30v. I couldn't believe it was only 150$ I mean thats not a small amoutn of money but for the names on the knife you'd expect it to be more.
The 0400 is a great knife. I like it a lot. Its certainly seen more use and pocket carry time than the either the 0200 or 0301 I have and I've had both of those lots longer.