Aug 26, 2006
I recently got my ZT0200 and I have to say that I am really impressed. The overall fit and finish of the knife is extremely good. The knife (if you like large folders, and I do) is huge. I got the combo edge and at first impression the serrated edge did not feel all that sharp, however after cutting up the UPS bos the knife came in the serrations are plenty sharp. The straight edge of the knife was sharp enough to shave the hair on my arms straight out of the box. Really what I found most impressive about this knife was the thickness of the liners and the liner lock. The knife opens and closes really smooth and for a relatively heavy knive carries well. I have used the knife all week at work opening boxes cutting shrink wrap and such and carrying all day as not been a problem at all. I can not say enough how impressed with this knife I am, Kershaw and Ken Onion did an extemely good job on this knife.
jamarlatt, really glad you are impressed with the 0200. Thanks for the nice words.
The whole ZT line is just amazingly good. I own a 200 and 301, and held a 400. All are at the top of their game. Your right, the liners are just beefy as heck.