Jan 26, 2009
Just received my zt350 (bead blast blade) yesterday and overall I love the knife. However, it does have many tooling marks on the liners and on the flipper, along with a very very slight seperation between the g-10 and the liner on one side towards the butt. It is a solid knife with no blade play and for daily carry these slight imperfections are meaningless and do not hurt the rock solid nature of the knife. To the point, my question being are the tooling marks common on the zt350 knives as I would like to buy another to be part of my collection. Just to let everyone know I do not have a camera so no pics are possible. Any help would be appreciated.
My 0350KW has tooling marks, too. Here's a close-up (from TadGear, I think), that shows them:


For me, that's part of the charm of this knife.