Just how rugged is it? So many companies are using it for knife grips/handles, is it really that good?

Anyone have any good stories on the kind of abuse their zytel-handled knife (knives) have stood up to? Or us Zytel used JUST to bring down the overall cost of the knife while?

Mar 2, 1999
We use Zytel on the Uluchet for the handle slabs. I was skeptical when we first tried it on a prototype, just knew I would be able to break it, Wrong. It's very tough,chemical resistant, doesn't rot or rust.
One of the test we did was to freeze the Uluchet then I opened the handle and stood on the joint, even bounced a few times. Not a scientific test but it figures out to about a 2000 p.s.i. load.
If you want to follow an unbiased test Cliff Stamp has an Uluchet on the way to use and abuse at will.
While it does bring done the cost over the long run the tooling to mold the pieces ain't cheap but it does allow for a repeatable quality.

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!