1 folder, 1 fixed, 1 multi-tool !


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Mar 19, 2000
You get three choices, but only one in each catagory. If you could have but one of each, folder, fixed and multi-tool; what would it be and why. If you really have to, you can say what two of each catagory you would pick and why.
I guess this is if money was not an issue?
Multitool: Victorinox swisstool. The most heavy duty, easy to use tool available.
Fixed blade:Busse Badger attack. Large enough to use, but not too big. Tough as anything.
Folder, tactical:Custom Crawford point guard.No explanation needed.
Folder, everyday:good question....

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Folder: The Cold Steel Gunsite II that some scum-bag stole out of my mailbox yesterday (Friday).

Fixed-Blade: My Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie to use to cut the hands-off of the scum-bag that stole my CS Gunsite II.

Multi-Tool: Leatherman Crunch, so that I may clamp it onto the 'nads of the scum-bag that stole my CS Gunsite II.

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Folder (non-locking).. Victorinox SAK Soldier
Folder (locking)...... Spyderco Military
Fixed blade .......... Becker Campanion
Multi tool ........... Haven't found a durn
one I like yet.
SAK (corkscrew, saw, scissors, etc.)
Leatherman Supertool (pliers, superb screwdrivers)
F1 (cuts REAL good)
Folder-Spyderco Native. The most comfortable, best designed, top flight, outstanding knife out there, I really like this one.

Fixed blade-Cold Steel Bushman. Very versatile, tough, and at a price you won't be afraid to get down and dirty with. Add one of Normark's sheaths and you have an outstanding package. May be replaced by the Mini-Bushman when it becomes available.
Multi-tool-This is a tough one. I haven't found one I like, yet, but the Swiss-tool may well be the one. Haven't handled one yet. Until then I'll go with the Victorinox Rucksack. Indispensable in the woods.


Easy there big fella, maybe the scum bag will cut himself with it. Would serve him right.

Folder: Spydie Mil, CPM 440V, plain edge

Fixed : Trace Rinaldi´s Talmadge Tactical Kitchen Knife, BG-42, plain edge, (Modified-longer blade), CF scales

Multi: Swiss Tool

Folder: Spyderco Wegner Jr
or CRTK M16 zytel. It depends if I am wearing a suit or not

Fixed: Randall M19
or Marbles Trailcraft. Why? Someplaces I just don't want to take my Randall!

Multi tool: Leatherman PST 2 (now if they would just make that nice nylon sheath with the flashlight loop that fit a Surefire.....

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Folder-Ray Rogers Companion w/ 6BH blade.Great knife.Great price
Fixed-Camillus/Becker Companion BK-2Great knife,Great price.
Multi Tool-Gerber.Use mine everyday and just works great.
{looks like I use that word"great" a lot to describe knives]


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Folder ~ CRK large plain Sebenza

Fixed ~ Mad Dog ATAK 2

Multi-Tool ~ Super Leatherman

They aren't the cheapest tools in the shed ~ but they rock!
Very dependable, reliable and not too bad to look at!

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Fixed Blade: Custom Hartman out of Michigan.
Folder: BM 705BT, I just like the look and feel.
Multi-tool: Leatherman Wave, the ability to open the blade w/o opening the entire tool is a bonus. Rounded edges makes it easy on your hand.
Cold Steel = SRK
Leatherman = WAVE
Emerson = MACH 1
As of now anyway,these would be MY choices.
If I had all the money I wanted to spend on knives this list would be different but right now at work I carry the following

Folder - Masters of Defense CQD
Fixed - Becker Tac-Tool
Multi-tool - Gerber
Folder - CRK Large Sebenza or Tom Mayo Lg. TNT
Fixed - Bob Dozier Yukon Pro Skinner
Multitool - Leatherman SuperTool

I think these sorts of threads contain an essential sillyness, but, here goes.

Multi-Tool- Victorinx Swiss Tool or Swiss Champ depending on your style.

Folder- Spyderco Wayne Goddard Ltwt, or Spyderco Delica.

Fixed Blade- 3V Custom Modern Barong, or a 3V Custom Bowie.

And an AXE.

Why? Because they are good.

Thank you,
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Talonite Resource Page, nearly exhaustive!!

Fire Page, metal match sources and index of information.

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If cost were an issue:
Fixed blade: Poorman's brand bowie from Pakistan
Folder: Cliphanger
Multitool: Altrade brand multitool with leather-like carry pouch.

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