1 folder, 1 fixed, 1 multi-tool !

Just got back from an elk hunting trip. Missed the action.

Glockman99: Are you pissed off or what at the scumbag that stole your Cold Steel Gunsight II from your mailbox?


Yah, I think so.
. Damn, if I ever catch that loser...

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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I think someone stole my LCC DA. UPS says they delivered it to me, but they didn't.
I know how you feel glockman.

Folder,large: Al Mar SERE 2000 because its a hell of a good feeling knife in my hands.

Folder, small: Benchmade mini-AFCK M2 because it fits me and keeps a great edge.

Fixed, large: My Busse Battle Mistress E just because I have it and it one tough suka

fixed, small: My Busse Lean Mean Street or my Benchmade Nimravus cub M2, or Fallkniven F1, all of which are really nice blades with just a liitle bit if different feel to them.

Multi-tool: Leatherman Wave because if the rounded handles, one hand openening knive blades and the diamond file.


Bremerton, Washington
I'm going to go off on a different route than most:

Fixed? A 4" Blade, drop point, narrow belley custom similar to what delivered less than a month ago <g>

Folder? (I can dream right?) I'd love a Ron Lake interframe folder, with engraving by Steve Lindsay. Yes, I would use it if I owned it
For real? I'm planning a custom folder with engraving as we speak

Multitool? Right now I carry an original leatherman, but I'm looking for something new
Right now it is...

Folder- Benchmade 710 M2 Plain. I trust the M2 steel over my Military in CPM 440V. The Military is second choice. I think? The BM is well made and well... its great!

Fixed blade- D2 Ka-Bar Next Generation. Or my Talonite 9" Custom when I get it.

Multi Tool- Leatherman Wave or Super Tool. The ST has more and is tougher. The Wave is lighter and more easy to use. Cannot narrow it down more than that!

From knives I own at present time:

Fixed blade: Marttiini puukko "Lynx" # 131018 on catalogue (carbon steel forged blade, curly birch handle). I like proven by centuries design of Scandinavian knives - as utility these knives are #1 in Ukraine and Russia.

Folder: Buck "CrossLock DoubleBlade". It combines "the best of two world" - plain and serrated blades.

MultiTool: Leatherman "Wave". My "multitool usage history": "BuckTool", Leatherman "Wave", Victorinox "SwissTool" and Leatherman "Wave" again. Despite on "SwissTool" toughness and "Wave" numerous drawbacks, scissors and needlenose pliers of "Wave" win the days on my belt for it.


P.S.: BTW looking through this list I wonder - my daily carrying "trinity" little bit different:

Spyderco "Calypso Jr."
Victorinox "Compact", and
Leatherman "Wave"

This is the subject for extra thoughts
folder- DDR medium carbon fibre apogee

fixed- Fallkniven A-1

multi tool- Leatherman wave

Multitool --- Victronix SAK - Climber model (I think), far and away the handiest knife I own. Used to carry a Leatherman PST, as well as a Super Tool, but I got tired of lugging it around....if I need pliers I'll bring my toolbox).

Folder --- CRKT Large KFF, Point Guard or small KFF (depending on whether I'm dressed casually in jeans or wearing a coat and tie to work).

Fixed Blade --- CRKT Stiff KISS as a neck knife. I'm going in a different direction, assuming that we're talking about actually carrying all of these. I look at the fixed blade as a potential backup to the folder. Toting a CS Recon Tanto (my favorite fixed) would quickly force a change in employment, as well as career.

Ontario Machete with a Jerry Hossom edge put on it.


Spydie Wenger. (More likely a Grohmann Camper fixed blade, though.)


My trusty old PST -- slim, does what I need.

UDT -- handy little thing. (Often an Opinel)

My old CS Tanto SOB on occasion.

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Folder: CRK small wood inlay Sebenza

Fixed: CRK Project I

Multi: CRK oh, they don't make one?

RICK - Left Handers Unite

Multi tool, Leatherman Wave

Folder, BM 705

Fixed, Randall Mod. 5 Camp & Trail

Why? I own and use these 3 all the time. They perform as advertised and each is a classic in it's own right.
Folder: Large LH Sebenza

Fixed: CR Mk VI

Multi-Tool: Gerber Multi-plier

If I need to explain, you just don't get it.

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I tnink RGRAY said it, but I'll say it this way:
Large Sebenza
Project 1
CRK Multi-tool (it's so stealth, they don't even know if they make one yet.)

Hey Chris, Anne & Co., are you listening?
Fallkniven F1
Small Sebenza
Leatherman Wave

These are what I own, what I like and what I use.
My choice would be:
Fixed blade:not too sure, kind of a folder person, maybe SOG Recondo, looks cool, and BG-42!
Folder:BM 732 or William Henry CF Kestrel
Multi-tool:Leatherman Wave or Swisschamp
I like light yet functional tools which are not so expensive that I'm afraid to use it. Also, I haven't yet come across anything that needed more than a 3" blade so here is my choice

Folder: Spyderco Calypso Jr Lightweight
Fixed: Camillus Talon Talonite (don't have one yet but I'm working on it)
Multitool: Leatherman PSTII