101 Uses For The Spyderhole!

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Herr_Noobien, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Herr_Noobien


    May 20, 2009
    The finest minds on the spyderco forum here on bladeforums put their heads together to come up with a list of 101 uses for the spyderhole. For those of you who dont know what the spyderhole is:
    Seriously, forget Swiss Army Knives. With just one tool, you have 101 uses at your fingertips! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the list :D!

    1) open the knife with one hand. (Herr_Noobien & Condition 1)
    2) blow bubbles. (Herr_Noobien & Phydeaux)
    3) to hang your knife somewhere. (Herr_Noobien)
    4) draw perfect circles. (Dslteck & JTR357)
    5) measure portions of spagetti. (Dslteck)
    6) use it for a zipline......on the bigger models of course. (Dslteck)
    7) put a lens in it and use it as a magnifing glass. (Herr_Noobien & Cosmo7809)
    8) use it as an aid for making cylinders. (Herr_Noobien)
    9) put your finger through it and viola, a ring! (Herr_Noobien)
    10) use it as a napkin holder at fancy dinner parties. (Herr_Noobien)
    11) you can use it to defend yourself against agressive birds by putting thier beak through the hole. (Herr_Noobien)
    12) With a padlock you can lock your knife down. In luggage etc. (Condition
    13) Hang them from the ceiling as a decrotave thing-a-ma-jig. (Condition 1)
    14) Tie it to your shoe lace so as to always have it at the ready. (Condition
    15) Bottle opener...requires some skill. (Matdigger)
    16) Add a zip-tie to "Ghetto-wave" it. (Miro 44)
    17) Tie a string through it and the handle to make the blade impossible to open up when travelling. (Miro 44)
    18) Stick your pinky through it and spin it around...if you' re bored. (Miro 44)
    19) Ring toss. (Getahl)
    20) Shooting Cover ----http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacAdam_Shield_Shovel (Whisker2)
    21) Use the hole to help tie it to a spear in a survival situation. (Simshaneee)
    22) Good for scraping oxidized wires, round shape scrapes round shapes better! (Simshaneee)
    23) Just pinch the hole with yer thumb and index finger and drop 'er open! (Lycosa & Jake Bauer)
    24) Flint scraper for fire starter. ([email protected])
    25) For securing my millie to my Carharts with the clip removed. The snap was almost made for it, it seems. (Markous)
    26) Look through the hole as a focus to determine left/right eye dominance for shooting. (cmdr249)
    27) Use it as leverage point for bending coat hangers/wires into shapes. (cmdr249)
    28) Put a hook through it and hang it on the Christmas tree! (Yobbos1)
    29) make play dough cylinders. (MORIMOTOM & elkins45)
    30) give your girl a spydie for a wedding ring. (MORIMOTOM)
    31) store a piece of gum you're not yet finished with. (MORIMOTOM)
    32) Ad-hoc signal mirror. (mr-winkie01)
    33) Threading your knife onto your desk phone cord so you can play with it while making boring calls. (Josh K)
    34) Pencil sharpener- For quick touch-ups. I just tried it and it works better, because it's round and doesn't remove quite as much material, than the blade itself! (3Guardsmen)
    35) Pinch the hole between thumb/forefinger to stabilize the blade for precise cuts and take pressure off the pivot area. (James Y)
    36) Add a hook and you have some wicked earrings. Just dont use Millies. (preston087)
    37) put a cord through the hole and you have a necklace! (Herr_Noobien)
    38) take 5 diffrent spydie bugs, and run a cord through them to make a charm bracelet. (nc527)
    39) cut a wave hook into it. (Charlie Mike)
    40) Stab the knife in the wall and use it as a hook for clothes hangers. (notos&w)
    41) Use the spydie hole and a keyring to set up a snare trap to catch wabbits. (J's Knives-N-More)
    42) Open the knife with two hands...try that with thumbstuds. (Josh K)
    43) Cigar holder. (Josh K)
    44) Use it as a wire stripper. (mr-winkie01)
    45) Tie balloon strings through it for a handy balloon weight. (mr-winkie01)
    46) Easy identification of a superbly well made knife! (Phil Gibbs)
    47) Tie paracord through the hole and around the handle to make a deadly "knife on a rope" weapon that you can twirl around and kill wild game. (BoxANT)
    48) A sharpshooter's target. (JTR357)
    49) Very short barreled, low velocity blowgun. (elkins45)
    50) To measure something, if you know the diameter of the hole. (Josh K)
    51) put a rod or strong stick through it to use for two handed leverage to push cut through tough materal - lean on it. (Reeek)
    52) attachment point to bolt three of them to a wheel as a replacement circular saw blade.(elkins45)
    53) Place a cartridge through it as a spare ammo carrier - obviously caliber specific. (cmdr249)
    54) Get a couple of Spydie Bugs and use them as zipper pulls. (Mobile-eyez)
    55) Use the spydie hole to help map out the stars. (J's Knives-N-More)
    56) Hang your spyderco of choice - military for me - so that the hole cast a shadow on the ground - then wait an hour or two and use the shadow to find your direction - more explanation on shadow: by using the shadow - on a sunny day of course - you mark the initial point of the shadow on the ground, then wait a good amount of time and check on it and wherever the shadow is at that time, you mark it and I believe that North is in between the two shadows - south for you aussies. (J's Knives-N-More)
    57) Use that hole as a vegetable peeler - great for carrots. (mr-winkie01)
    58) Put an appropriate size rod through two of 'em and you got scissors. (mr-winkie01)
    59) Thread computer wires through the hole to help manage all your cords. (BoxANT & Josh K)
    60) Use the blade as an emergency piton, bugaboo type blade or even as a carefully placed chock or cam and clip a carabiner to the hole for protection or aid when climbing. (Reeek)
    61) Range Finder... hold the Spyder hole at arm's length and fill the hole with a 6 ft person and then measure off the distance...now you have a range finder..specific to hole size and your arm's length. Will work open or closed on most Spydies. ([email protected])
    62) Open 3-4 FS Enduras and run some cord through the holes... presto a flail! (Charlie Mike)
    63) Cherry pitter - just place the fruit over the hold and push a rod though the hole. (mr-winkie01)
    64) Push gound beef through the hole and you have a field sausage maker. (mr-winkie01)
    65) Pocket fishing rod holder. (J's Knives-N-More)
    66) Gives some people a creative outlet by removing 'em. (hwpaintballer)
    67) can be used as a bore sizer for paintballs, if it will fit through the hole on the para it may be to small to shoot, if it is the same size or barely bigger they will work, if it is a couple millimeters large than the hole then they will probably get stuck or burst in the barrel. (hwpaintballer)
    68) A pen holder. (Haze)
    69) It can also be used for a "101 uses" list. (Haze)
    70) Use it to annoy your cat by sticking their tail through the hole to fray their tail and then watch 'em run 'till it falls off. lockback spydies only please, the other stuff may open and cause harm to you or your cat. (J's Knives-N-More)
    71) Put larger holed spyders on your bicycle axles to act as a washer/spacer. (Supmonkeyface)
    72) Open a bunch of spydies (same model) stand em up on the but in a straight line, put bamboo or PVC through the holes, and bam, a larger, more powerful blowgun than mentioned in #49. Spyde bugs could be good ammo. (Supmonkeyface)
    73) Use as monocle to imitate Col. Klink from Hogan's Heros. (Flinx)
    74) Push large marshmallows through hole to make little marshmallows for hot chocolate! (Flinx)
    75) Lay a large Spyderco down on a piece of paper, lay a ladybug over it-insert ink pen-Presto! instant poor-man's Spirograph!! (Flinx's Wife)
    76) Make a tiny pizza. (frgtn340)
    77) Put your finger though the hole and you have a striking weapon. (preston087)
    78) With blade in open position, Depressing lockbar with thumb, Insert index finger in Spyderhole, Slowly move blade to the closed position. (Condition 1)
    79) When you finally make it home from the Trojan war—ten years late and having shacked up with Circe on your way—impress your wife’s suitors. Stick a bunch of Spydercos upright in a row, with the holes carefully aligned. Then take your bow—which only you are strong enough to use—and shoot an arrow through all the holes. That proves you’re really Ulysses, and not some imposter. (Raymond1000)
    80) Tie some 550 paracord through the spydie hole and swing it around and toss it to use as a grappling hook. (J's Knives-N-More)
    81) Display your Spydie collection by hanging them off of peg-board through the spyderhole. (Chislev)
    82) Extrude dough through the hole to make dough ropes for soft pretzels. (elkins45)
    83) gumdrop mold for homemade gumdrops. (elkins45)
    84) Take artistic pictures through the hole like Simona used to do. (bekylane)
    85) Stab some horizontally into the wall of your shop and use them as holders for your dowel rods. (elkins45)
    86) Stab several into the wall in your basement and use them as fishing rod holders--insert the tip guide through the hole. (elkins45)
    87) Use the hole to ziptie a small LED light on the blade -- good for when you need precision cuts in dimly-lit rooms. (mr-winkie01)
    88) Ziptie 4 knives to your fingers and prove you're Freddy Kruger. (preston087)
    89) Use it to break people's pinkies. (wongKI)
    90) Let the setting sun shine through it for some cool arty photos. (wongKI)
    91) Stack up several blades from a Spydie trainer around an embedded foreign object in your body and then bandage around the wound. (wongKI)
    92) Stick a pole through it and use it as a cheap, ineffective shovel. (wongKI)
    93) Use it as an attachment point to make your own claw gloves out of Swicks. (wongKI)
    94) stick a steel pipe through the hole and you have a monotone mouth organ. (Herr_Noobien)
    95) stick multiple pipes in a trainer blade and you have a multitone mouth organ. (Herr_Noobien)
    96) if your rifle sight breaks in the field, attatch a spydie on top of the barrel and you have a sight PLUS a 90 degree bayonet so you can stab people around corners! (Herr_Noobien)
    97) put the handle bars of your bike through the hole (assuming your handle bars are 13mm in diameter) and viola, assault bicycle! (Herr_Noobien)
    98) Attachment point to replace the teeth on a rake. (wongKI)
    99) Using 13mm pieces of wood, make your own tinker-toy set. (wongKI)
    100) Bolt two Spydies around a golf ball to make a golf ball holder. (wongKI)
    101) Cut the top half of the hole off and you have a wrench. (Herr_Noobien)

  2. bearcut


    Sep 3, 2006
    Thanks guys, I needed a laugh!

    Funny stuff!
  3. batosai117

    batosai117 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 5, 2007
    Wow, good work there :thumbup: It must have taken forever to get all of us on there :eek:
  4. miro44


    Oct 28, 2007
    Yeah! We made it:)
  5. banana-clip


    Jun 7, 2007
    Thats too funny:D
  6. Little Green Men

    Little Green Men

    Jan 15, 2009
    Nice guys:D
  7. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    A Big Fatty roach clip??
  8. Phillip Dobson

    Phillip Dobson

    Jun 26, 2009
    Pics or it didn't happen... Extra points if you do it on A5 terrain.
  9. Slidetechnik


    Jul 16, 2009
    Lol, some of those are pretty good. I measure portions of spaghetti with my Tenacious all the time.
  10. Herr_Noobien


    May 20, 2009
    I was going to just say "thanks to the following" at the end, but when I saw how big the list was and went through it I realized it was pretty damn good, so I decided to put everyone up there and since we had a few repeated uses in the original thread (didn't want to leave anyone out) I decided to put both names :)
  11. axtalan0


    Jul 18, 2008
    HA! Good stuff, some of them are actually pretty useful.

    But the big question is, will the Spyderhole help me get more dates with hotties? That is the ultimate litmus-test for me!
  12. Herr_Noobien


    May 20, 2009
    Just pull off at least three of the above uses and they will be VERY impressed after all, anyone who ziplines with a pocket knife is pretty darn special :D
  13. wongKI


    Jul 9, 2009
    You have it the wrong way round.

    If your gal pals aren't impressed by your Spydie and its hole, dump them.
  14. Herr_Noobien


    May 20, 2009
    That too I suppose :p
  15. Ryan28801


    Aug 28, 2006
    What size portion of spaghetti does an endura give you?

  16. Herr_Noobien


    May 20, 2009
    Only I am allowed to dig up my threads :grumpy:
  17. C.S. Graves

    C.S. Graves

    Jun 13, 2006
    If the gals ain't impressed with your manhood, your Spydie, or its hole, dump them and make sweet love to it. :D

    Use 102, ladies and gentlemen!
  18. dsmegst


    Jul 21, 2009
    All right, who here's got a Spydie Christmas ornament hanging on their tree?
  19. tjsulli790


    Jan 13, 2009
    One big bowl of gravedig? :confused:
  20. CQC15


    Nov 29, 2009
    That was interesting to read

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