12 inch Sirupati -- no kami mark and 1/2 inch crack in handle. Pix. $50 delivered.

Mar 5, 1999

Here is a little 12 inch Sirupati and a very decent one. There are only two things wrong with this knife. One, the blade is not marked. Two, there is a very small crack, about 1/2 inch, in the handle that doesn't look like it is every going anywhere. Ten cents worth of superglue and ten minutes will bring this little Sirupati up to top HI standards.

Save yourself $25. We will deliver this rig to your door for $50.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Good knife, good deal.

You really need an "always" khuk, trust me on this.
PS - I have 3 twelve inchers. 2 sirupatis and a baby AK.
Onkel Bill, you have mail


Indin word for lousy hunter.
I shouldn't have made that last bathroom trip!!!!

Good on you Anton!!! I know you will enjoy it a much as I would have.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Which begs this question:

If I were to get my elder bro to put up a lot more than it was worth to buy my spare 12" sirupati ( you know, like the way they scalp tickets to ball games? ) would that make it into a scalping knife?

I have GOT to lay down and take a nap til whatever lunacy has come over me lately passes.


"Ah, for the good old days, when the DA and Sheriff would quake in their boots at the mention of the last four digits of the State AG's home phone number."
I "LOVE IT"when this happens to that NDN!Hee! Do it again! Med time for Rus, Naw, more like "padded room" time!!Never mind,I like them both,they are "Normal"compared to that crazy Cougar! Something is def. wrong with that "SICK"puppy!Hummm! Uncle, France may not be far enough away!
You're right on Bro.!!!! It's med time for our little younger Bro.

But actually I have a real "Scalping Knife," No really, I just haven't had a good reason or excuse to use it as yet, or up 'till now.

One of the best and most overlooked bargains Cold Steel ever put out was their line of the Hudson Bay Knives.
One was more like a butcher knife and the other with its straight back and nicely bellied edge is a "true" scalping kniife.
And Cold Steel done their homework well when it came to the design, these are right on!!!!
And they can still be found at the gun & knife shows usually for less than they originally sold for.
They have nice thin blades of
Carbon V which we all know changes periodically, but is still a very good steel.
I had the handle on mine beaded with beautiful cobalt blue glass beads with about 3-4 bands of dirty white beads across the top and bottom.
I sealed them with a water based varnish and it holds up very well in all kinds of conditions.
The beads make for a sure grip and feel neutral in the hand under hot or cold condtions.
The "scalping knife" is an all around blade and is also a true survival knife. This style worked very well for the ndns, mountain men and others who braved the back country* of years past.

*Notice I didn't say "wilderness."
I think it was John Fire Lame Deer who remarked one time that he never understood the term "wilderness" as refered to the back country he lived in until he found himself in New York City.
And it's not just NYC, not ever being there, but any and all larger cities where I find myself in complete agreement with him.
Even Tulsa makes me feel that way.
I would rather take my chances with Finn's big cat than have to walk areas of downtown Tulsa at night.

Dayumed wireless keyboard!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.

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Yvsa and T-Sarge:

Large cities are basically the same after a few generations of "planned growth". I've been to NYC on four ocassions - once on a trip sponsored by my company as a reward and the other three because I'd lose my job if I didn't go. When time five came around, I flushed the job.
Years ago I carried "something" in parts of Tulsa, but felt most of the city was to be admired. Last time down, I decided I wouldn't go out on the street even with two or more "somethings". "Progress" is a constant race with deterioration.

I picked up several of those CS models when they were closing out for about $5 apiece. The "Scalping knife" lives in our kitchen, along with an "Elk Skinner."

Both good honest knives. Age well too.

I routed a choil on the scalping knife wtih a dremmel tool. Just to help prevent the hand from sliding up the blade.
Ok just for the record I have a mostly bald head--really quite an ugly scalp, poor complected skin not nice in the least--ugly, definitely not worth taking

Sorry this post started to scare me a little