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1SKS comes through.

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May 22, 2001
Well, my first order from 1SKS didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. I ordered two mini-socoms after calling to make sure the model I wanted was in stock. A week later I called and Kevin himself said they hadn't been shipped and didn't know the reason why, so he got them out to me that day. Problem is, two of those nice Microtech knife boxes arrive, one was the right knife but wrong blade style, and the other box was empty! Doh! By that time they were not in stock anymore. So I decided on two 25th anniversary EDCs, Kevin sent them to me second-day air, sent me a shipping label to return the knife and the empty box, took the charge off for the mini-socoms, and gave me a free tuf-cloth. So a long story short, I had a couple problems, but 1SKS came through for me and made up for the slight inconvenience. He was friendly on the phone and seemed genuinely concerned. Now I'm kind of grateful for the problems, because I like the EDC better than I liked the mini-socom.

BTW Kevin, I sent the return package out friday.
Yours was probably the most screwed up order I'd seen since I bought out 1SKS in May, and for that I truly apologize. The fact that your knives were not shipped out on time was bad enough, but to compound that with somehow the wrong knife and an empty box (!) somehow making their way out the door is beyond bad. I truly am sorry that this happened and sending you a free tuf-cloth, and getting you anniversary EDCs with free 2nd Day air shipping is, IMHO, the least I could do.

I'm glad that we were able to resolve this to your satisfaction, and truly hope that despite this bumpy start, we will be 100% in your future dealings with us.

I just had my first transaction with 1SKS. I ordered an item they did not stock. Understanding they needed to get it from their supplier, total turnaround time was outstanding (I think about two weeks). Customer service was excellent. I talked with a lady (sorry, can't remember her name) who was very polite, knowledgeable about my order, and competent. My email correspondence with Kevin was smooth and professional, as well.

Spark, great business you have here! Keep up the good work. :)
Spark: I'll definitely buy from you in the future(probably at least one of those last production run LCCs, when they're made, before that great knife disappears!) In my opinion any business that goes that far out of it's way to please a customer is good enough that I can forget any bumpy start and continue buying from them. Thanks again Kevin.