1st Friday Production Updates

Every model had starter orders, pre-orders, pre-sales, and weekly sales.
I have two GSO 3.5 pre-orders placed a year and a half apart, so the pre-order phase can last a long time.
I'm curious about when the SK 3.5 will be in stock, for sale and ready to ship.
To answer your implied question I think that all of the 4.1 Starter orders have been filled.

I would personally hope there is a more concerted effort in the GSO 3.5s (Starters at least) vs. the SK series, I don't see there will be that much of a discernible difference between the two.
The GSO and the SK are the same knife, the differences are in how many options you get and who does the finish and assembly.
The intent behind the new SK series was to make inventory available on a routine basis, so I'm patiently watching and waiting.
The Survive shop has been the bottleneck (stuck cork? ;) ) in getting the GSO models out the door, and the SK knives aren't supposed to take any SK shop time.
Since Guy isn't going to touch the SK knives they should be able to be produced in volume routinely. :thumbsup:
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At this point I could probably care less and give up my APR2015 ordered 3.5 w/G10 red/black handle scales for an SK model if the wait time ends up being less.
August 2018

1st Friday Production Update:


Update Your Shipping Address
Now that handles and blades have been fixed, knives are going together much more smoothly. Orders are shipping out regularly so if you have moved make sure you have contacted us to update your shipping address. Do not just update your address through our website. This will only change the information in your customer account, not your existing orders. Unless you contact us to update your orders, your knife may be shipped to an old address.
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Current Production:

Models that are shipping this month:
  • GSO-4.1 Preorders up to, and including, August 2015
    • There are a few Starter Orders that have been waiting on some particularly difficult handles. We have bought new materials and replacement handles are being machined now.
  • GSO-7/7 Starter orders are all completed! We are now working on Preorders from May 2015.
  • Weekly Sales from August 2017. This includes the GSO-2.7, GSO-2.7 Factory 2nd, and GSO-4.1 Ugly Betty orders.
Also on the schedule for August:
  • Continuing to surface grind and finish GSO-4.1 and GSO-7/7 blades.
  • The GSO-4 Limited blades are almost done and materials are ready. These will be super fast to get built so you can expect orders to ship out in large batches, starting in the next couple of months.
  • We have some handle materials for the GSO-3.5 and SK-3.5 runs. Those are being added to the machining schedule.
  • GSO-12 / SK-12 handle design is completed and those curves are looking good! Check them out on the @surviveknives Instagram.
  • The GSO-6 / SK-6 files were finalized this week. Steel sheets are heading to the water jet.
Future Production:
  • Production is scheduled to continue in the following order:
  • Additional models will be added to the production schedule once these are further along. This includes the Necker, Necker II, and GSO-4.7.